Where is Ryan atkins?

We haven’t heard or see any new video from Ryan. I ejoy watch his old videos but i wish he would make a new one before winter comes for all the trials riders out there.

Here is one of he videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_EiOkoEee0

If your new to unicycling check it out

Thanks Ryan


Hes mountainbiking :wink:

I hope your joking, why would he do such a thing :thinking:

I thought this thread was going to be like ‘Where’s Wally?’ (or Waldo for our American friends).
I’m just a little disappointed not to find a picture of a large crowd.

It also reminds me of the ‘Find Forrest’ thing we going in MR a while back, but that’s another story for a different time.

Very likely… He kept reading all those bike magazines at Fluck. I thought it was inappropriate and was gonna beat him up, but then I saw his muscles and decided to be civil.

Nope, he actually races downhill.

Cause its fun. I wish I could do some more serious biking but I can’t afford it.

Actualy at the moment he is doing cyclocross and for most of the summer he was building cross country and downhill courses and racing cross country. As far as I know he doesn’t do any actualy downhill racing.

I rode behind him at a 24 hour mounatin bike race at the end of August. He is just as good at biking as he is at unicycling. He won solo men under 40.

Does he still uni? It would be pretty sad if one of the best/ the best trials rider just quit totally.

Bicycling is cross-training for unicycling. It makes you stronger and more fit in a way that limiting your exercise to only unicycling does not do. Ryan’s going to come back stronger and better than ever. Bicycling is a secret weapon.

He still rides, but during the summers here he is usualy busy with the bike season, during the off season he usualy rides more. But yeah he definatly rides, I rode with him a few times this summer.

No flipping way :astonished: . I’m really jealous!

Yeah, I crossed his path a few times at RAGBRAI. He even tried out my coker as we waited for other parties to arrive in the overnight town. Real nice guy.

you could of given him an evil stare?

hey all,
I’m still around. I’m glad to see that people love me this much. JC is right. Bicycling is amazing cross training, and the muscles that it develops works well with unicycling. Also, I like going fast. hehehe. I’ll always unicycle though, rest assured.


I did, but he turned around and nearly saw it. Uff, that was a close one…

I’m gonna start B-boying as cross-training for unicycling.

Ryan, was it indeed you that Joseph and I ran into at RAGBRAI (we were riding the nimbus 36"ers this year). I remember a unicyclist we met named Ryan A____ and am almost certain it was but it’d be cool to confirm it if so

Hey Ryan, I was at Darren’s last night and he said that you were like 4th in Canada in racing right now. Is this coorect and what catagory and discipline, downhill, cross country, dual slalom? I raced downhill and cross country before discovering muni (I was like 4000th in Ontario), I just found it too dangerous :smiley: .


Is his power stare real bad?

hey, I didn’t Ride in RAGBRAI, that must have been some other Ryan A.

I’m currently 6th overall in provincial “senior elite” XC mountain biking, wayne.