where is everyone staying for ca muni weekend

my fam desnt want to camp or doesnt wanna go to motel 6, where is everyone else stayin at? also how hard / tecchnical are the muni rides? thatnks

im asking this cause my mom is naging

If I make it this year, Motel6 or some other cheap motel will be my option.

bump i need to know or i cant register and i only got 1 day

My wife and I are probably coming down with a friend, for my wife to hang out with during the days. We’re looking for possibly a rental condo or similar. Hotels are expensive in the area, except for Motel 6.

NOTE: There appear to be two Motel 6s in Carpinteria. I’m not sure which one goes with the phone number listed on the web site. I would assume it’s the cheaper of the two. There is also a Holiday Inn Express in Carpinteria, but it’s quite a bit more than the 6.

This link may or may not show you an Expedia page with two other hotels listed for Carpinteria:
The Best Western is listed with 3 stars and is $115/night.

How technical are the trails? Technical. I haven’t been there myself, but there are plenty of accounts you can read here on this forum with some searching. Very technical is the impression I get. As always, ride at your own risk. This is seldom a problem, just walk the stuff you’re not comfortable with. If you have a brake, make sure it’s working well!

At home.:frowning: