Where is 2010 Unicon taking place?

Someone asked me where it was taking place. Im pretty sure its australia but they said its New zealand…
any answers?

Wellington, New Zealand
Dec 27, 2009 - Jan 7, 2010

Yeah !!! Unicon !!! I cant wait !!!

Where’s the flat comp in the progam? And when you’ll release prices and stuff about accomodation?


Dont ask me lol.Best option would be too go to the website and contact them

Yeah, I will try by email… Thanks anyway!

Yeah, I will try by email… Thanks anyway!

Yes it is in Wellington, New Zealand 27th Dec 2009 to 7th Jan 2010.

We are aiming to have online registration and a new website up by the end of the year. For now, there is a preliminary programme and some information available on: www.uniconxv.co.nz

Ken Looi
Unicon XV committee

This is basically my dream to attend this.

lol thats what i was just thinking.Ill probably cry with happiness when it comes around :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude I know… I’m going to cry so hard. And hug everybody.

Its going to be a gay-ol time!

yes, very happy indeed. I can’t wait

Well its a lot easier when you live in New Zealand:) . I’d have to save up a couple thousand dollars:( .

I need at least 3x more US dollars than you :(… I hope to have the money… new Zeland looks awesome…

It is awesome.

I was quite disappointed when I was reading Tom Pec’s interview in switch uni mag and he said he was looking forward to unicon in Australia. Is it actually true that a lot people from overseas think NZ is part of AUS?

No I dont think so, unicon first should be in australia so he probably just didnt knew that it is in NZ.

Maybe he meant that it is on the continent of aus.

I wish I could go to UNICON… I can only dream, maybe in 2012.

Too bad this unicon conflicts with school (for me anyway).

then issent unicon like the best excuus to not go to school?:smiley:

I’m taking school off for Unicon for sure… just gotta get a job and start saving so I can afford it…