Where in the world do you Muni?

The title says it all: where do you Muni? I live in Rochester, NY where there are no mountains, so where do you mountain unicycle in an area like this? I want to get a new unicycle, but I think that a Trials would be to much for me to get into at 14, and not to mention my bad knees and the great worries of my mom… so my other choices are a corker and a Muni. I’m a bit too broke to buy a corker unless someone has one for cheap cheap (hint hint :wink: ) so a Muni would be better. But where would one ride it? Thanks for any imput!

North Wales, UK. There’s lots of hills and mountians round here. Probably a bit far from where you live though.


Down in San Diego!

Not really. All over the Sierras, and in the Bay Area as well.

I’m more looking to what type of terrian you Muni on, since I have no Mountains… do you ride trails, hills, etc?

Mostly mountainbiking trails. Usually advanced ones. Sometimes at resorts such as Northstar, and sometimes in 4x4 places whith tons of hills and junk.

Here in Nevada its usually a mix of loose sandy dirt and rocks.

If I do get a muni, should I go with a Nimbus 24 or 26 inch muni, or the torker DX 24"? I know the torker has splined everything, but it’s a bit expensive unless I could get one used somewhere…

One problem with muni is that you need to be able to travel (drive) to get to the trails. So at 14 your muni options are going to be limited cause you can’t drive yourself there. That’s probably one reason that the younger folks get so interested in trials and street because you can do trials and street near home without needing to drive to a location.

For muni you’ll need to find out what kind of local MTB trails you have nearby. Find out if there is a local MTB club (ask at a bike shop) and see if they have a web site. They’ll probably have a list of local trails on their web site. Or ask a bike shop what the local MTB trails are and they may even have maps for a few.

i feel lucky because right out my back yard about 100 yards there’s a whole network of XC ski/ mountain biking trails.

Or you could just get a coker. You don’t need to drive anywhere for good distance riding.

That sounds like a good idea. I’m trying to get others that I know to unicycle, so maybe a few of my friends will end up Muni-ing also. If I do find that there arn’t any good trails nearby, I’ll probally end up getting a corker. The corker sounds more pratical for me because I enjoy distance riding, and I need transportation for my sports practices. I only have one problem… anyone have a corker for sale? :stuck_out_tongue:

Honolulu, Hawaii. There are some sick DH mountain bike trails right in town. Wa’ahila Ridge

Re: Where in the world do you Muni?

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>The title says it all: where do you Muni?

I live in the Netherlands, one of the flattest countries in the world.
Not counting holidays in real mountains, I “MUni” here:

It’s really close to my house, I just ride to there on the KH24. The
riding in the pics is kinda lame, this was photographed a few years

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One thought is to see what nearby state or county forests might offer. For example, Syracuse is pretty close to Rochester, and also without mountains to speak of. But there are some really great, challenging single-track trails in Highland Forest. I know there’s some similar stuff in your area. JC’s recommend to nose around into your local MTB scene (there is one, trust me) is right on.

Beware of law enforcers : http://543210.free.fr/cfm/ambiances/pict2192.html

NH has many good trails. Hillsborough’s Fox State Park has some awesome trails for riding :smiley:

Google Earth for muni locations…

For those of you who have Google Earth, I’ve attached a ZIP file with what I hope are three placemarks for Google Earth. Two muni spots and one of my house. The “Burnt Hill” one (obviously not burnt at the time the image was recorded) is the one fro mthe most recent movies I’ve posted and where I’m going riding tomorrow.


Google Earth Muni.zip (1.64 KB)

I’ve had this exact thought before. Some people have gotten around this a bit by devising methods of lashing the MUni to their bicycle. Searching RSU will reveal a thread or two with photos. Another way might be to visit local parks and devise your own “off road” courses in them. Remember that if you get a MUni, you can still do trials with it - and get pretty good at it, too. Off-road unicycling can be about finding creative courses…not being near established mountain bike trails isn’t necessarily a limitation.

Glad I’m not the only one with the problem of ‘no mountains’. I like riding trails, and I go as often as I can to Memphis’ ‘Mountain Bike trails’, but I always think about someone from, say, Colorado visiting here and asking if there were a hill someplace to ride on. Then I, out of breath and sweating like iced tea in August, would have to admit that we just went up the largest hill in the park.

Looks like you haven’t posted in years, but anyway…
I live in the rochester area too (webster). I been riding a learner for a month now, and probably going to order a Nimbus in a few days.

I’ll plan to ride the Hojack trail first, here in Webster. It’s nice and flat.

If you (or anyone else) ever want to ride together, let me know.

Have some pretty good trails and paths near my home … can pop on a paved trail out my front door and and ride a mile to dirt trails. Also drive to Mountain Bike Trails … several options fairly near me.