Where have you been kicked out?

Where have you been kicked out of for riding?

For me it would be:
Aina Haina Elem (x2)
Niu Valley Inter (x2)
Makaha Sands Condos (thanks Jason)
Manoa Elem

So that would be…
7 Expulsions
1 rider

We’ve been told to go away many a time.

  • Outside the music building on campus, because there was a performance
  • The library, they told us to not hop on the benches
  • By a loading dock, they told us not to jump off of it
  • Good Will, but just because we were rooting through their dumpster
  • A police officer told us to not hop on the wooden benches, because we might break them
  • The junior high school

That’s six expulsions, for about three of us.

Let’s make this like the unicycle count thread!

So that would be…
13 Expulsions
4 riders

The last place I remember getting kicked out of was Tiananmen Square. That was a definite kick-out, cops and everything.

Then I was with a group that were kicked out of a fountain area at Victoria Peak in Hong Kong in 1998. But it was Steve Dressler who did the riding that caused that. It was one of those fountains that has the computer-controlled water jets that just shoot up out of a flat area of concrete. He just kept riding around on there until he was basically soaked. On my unicycle.

I’m not big on getting kicked out of places. Each time that happens, it reduces your welcome in the future. I’d rather be allowed to walk my unicycle through than ride it and not have anyone be allowed ever again.

I have only been kicked out of a few places.

I find an urban ride that contains a few lines through an area to be my best bet, either no one comes out in time, or no one cares enough if we are just passing through.

We do our urban rides from 10-12 on Sunday mornings, and have had the best luck with that. (no one is ever around, and there are few pedestrians)

Never have I been kicked out of somewhere twice.

The less we are thought of as skateboarders the better.

I agree with John on that one. When my friends and/or I get kicked out, it’s really more of a warning that if we do it again then they’ll call the cops.

i got kicked out for walking my unicycle through the high school, they said you cant ride bikes here. i wasnt riding it, i was walking it and you know the other problem. I should have said i cant ride it.

i’ve reasoned with three diff cops in three diff occasions- speak frank, friendly and with conviction about safety, as if they are human.

once i was uniing where there clearly was a no skateboards/rollerblades/bicycle sign. the securiity guard came up and asked if i would be interested riding in the town parade and took my number. they called and unfortunately i had a prior engagement.

in sudbury ontario, the manager of a market came up to say that i wasn’t allowed to ride there. i tired to respectfully talk him out of it. we had a great conversation about kids, risks and maintenannce and i left on friendly terms.

i also broke my first pic-nic table bench in sudbury and later called to send a check to fix it. they told me not to wory about it. that does help our cause though.


I usually ride with my cousin’s skater friends. Its not a question of how many places we get kicked out of its how long before we are kicked out. Some places we barely get one run at a spot before we are kicked. Basically we hit every spot unitl we get kicked out so about 15 spots and I have personally gone about 5 times so that mean I have been kicked out spots 75 times. :roll_eyes:

Dan and I were kicked off some stairs at Seattle center…We just went to another location and did what we pleased:)


Pretty much just two places. each once. And… there was the time in seattle that a cop came up, watched a couple of us jumping on a couple benches, and just said “just dont scratch the paint”.

duaner, onefiftyfour, and I were asked to leave an area with some steps in front of a building. The building has a set of 2 steps and concrete. We were learning to do rolling hops up the stairs and 180s.

While it didn’t feel good to get the oust for some obvious reasons, it did feel good (and bad) to get kicked off the property like teenagers. I am the youngest at 31 years old - and enjoyed the experience somewhat - because it made me feel ultra-young for a moment in time.

I got kicked out of the Renaissance Festival. Apparently no uni’s allowed. This was according to the the rent a cop who is actually a Lieutenant in the Atlanta Police Department. Turns out the guy is a real nob according to a good friend who used to work with him. I don’t have a general disdain for police seeing as at least 4 of my good friends are cops. But this guy was a real tool! Nothing worse than a cop on a power trip. Best part is within 10 minutes of talking to him I see a uni inside… of course it did belong to a performer. I guess they didn’t want some dangerous uni rolling around in the festival, might fall on one of the 5 foot swords I saw being carried around. :roll_eyes:

I got kicked out of basicly every park there is in Town of Mount-Royal…

but the thing is I get kicked out over and over and over and over again…

In a few weeks there’s gonna be the annual fun in the park day in town and well, I’m gonna get kicked out of there too. No doubt about it.

hmm ive been kicked off 2 places with another rider, once was with some skaters we met at a campsite and the reception had a nice 4 set, wed been riding it for half an hour then we all sat down and stopped 10 minutes later i stand up and ajust my quick release…“DONT RIDE ON THESE STEPS, go away, or ill confiscate it, you rgoing to hurt someone!!!”…i wasnt riding and there was noone around to injure.
the second time was equally as stupid, in the back of a pub carpark that backs on to the main town park, theres this DEMOLISHED brick wall, we hadnt even gotten on the unis, just eyeing up a gap to a bike rack (without much intent on doing it any time soon) the pub owner came out and was yelling “p*ss of my land, dont damage the wall anymore!”

we usually ride in the evening when in town to avoid running people over and becoming a dangr and a nuisance.

oh yeah and at the ticket barrier at MK train station

Seems like some of you guys think you should be allowed to ride anywhere. Should you?

How about private property (without the owner’s permission)?

How about a set of marble stairs in front of a public building, such as a main libarary?

How about in crowded places, such as downtown areas or renaissance fairs?

Depending what country you live in, there are varying levels of danger to the owners of such places if someone gets injured. That includes you, or someone who might get nailed by an errant pedal. If they decide they don’t want to deal with someone “hitting and running,” shouldn’t it be up to them?

What are your thoughts?

thats a valid point John, i believe in my cases however i think the reaction was a bit over the top, a kind word asking for us to move would be sufficient enough, rather than yelling and threats.

I’ve only been told to leave one place, but my son has been told to leave in two places. Here are some pics.

2nd picture here.

I would not consider myself a threat to anyone’s safety when I ride. The schools I have gotten kicked out of were out of session and there were very few people around. For the most part, when I do see people, they are very positive. Most of the cases where I was told not to ride, the person telling me had a valid reason, and I’m not angry at them or hold a grudge. The reasons were mainly liability concerns or riding in general were against the rules in that location.

I was simply stating that I have been asked not to ride in several places and I was wondering how many of you have similar experiences.

I would also like to state that I have never gotten into trouble with the law in any of these cases and in none of those cases have I caused and property damage other then a few scuff marks on a few walkways (these are all on regular concrete sidewalks and the like).

I believe that we must be responsible for where we ride and to make every effort not to cause any damage to property or person.