Where does the knee protection rest on your KH Leg Armour?

I’m concerned my new KH leg armour is too small.

After a nasty bump to the knee the other day I decided it would be a good idea to invest in some leg armour. I was torn between getting the large or medium. In the end I went for medium but am concerned it’s a fraction too small.

The thing is, the actual hard part of the armour for the knee doesn’t cover the whole knee. Really my knee would only be protected by the padding where the velcro straps are at the top. Is this a bad thing?

I wondered if maybe it would be ok, because it allows a decent amount of knee movement. How does your KH armour fit?

EDIT: I haven’t actually ridden yet…it’s too wet (damn Scotland!)

The straps by the knee feel like they might chafe (sp?) when riding. How do people find this?

I was in a similar boat as you. I got mediums and they fit similarly to how you described, I kept them and rode them for a few months then won a pair of larges at a competition. I much prefer how the larges fit, especially after having been worn in they tend to sag a bit so having them bigger is definitely better than going small.

The straps chafe a little for the first few rides but your skin get used to them and they break in fairly quick so that its not longer an issue. They are actually quite comfortable.

Hmm, I see…

Did you have any bad, knee injury related falls with your mediums? How did your knees hold up? You reckon they’ll do me?

Even with the larges the plastic part now sags below my knee. I think you will be okay - the larges just might be a little more comfortable and offer marginally better protection.

I have ordered a medium. If it’s too small I’m really going to freak out(!).

Just for reference, just about how tall are guys that are wearing the mediums?

I have a set of large 661’s and they are TOO big . I’m considering getting some KH when they come back in stock

I’m 5’ 7", I even followed this chart: http://www.krisholm.com/english/products/sizing.htm which says I should be using medium. Large definitely fits better for me though. The straps are a bit too long but almost all of my calf is covered (I had quite a bit exposed with medium) and it fits much better height wise.

I am about 5’ 10" and I use mediums.

The knee protection fits well, but if you really want to save your knees you have to put on knee pads under that.

I don’t know how many inches, foot or whatever I am, but I am about 173cm. My legs are pretty big though… I will post a reply when they have arrived! :wink:

Why not just buy some 661’s.

IMO they are alot better.

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Well, why not tell us why the 661 are better?

Welllll, I can only vouch for the 4x4 and the racelite’s
cause those are the only ones Ive tried,
But the 4x4’s are alot bettter about not getting hot and dont slip down nearly as much,
and the racelites are coated in hard plastic on the outside, so if you fall on copncrete you slide and dont stick and fall over onto your face…

I just really like the racelite’s a ton better than anything else on the market.


Thanks, didn’t see that.

My main problem with 661s is that they don’t offer enough protection, anywhere, and they take too long to put on.

KH guards fix both of those problems, with only a minor heat/ sweat increase.

KH guards are also way better made (they don’t decompose after 2 rides).


It looks like the Race-lites leave that nubby bone on the outside facing part of the leg (around the corner from the kneecap) unprotected.

nope. they dont.