where does rim tape go?

what does rim tape do and where does it go?

it covers the spoke holes in the rim, it helps the tube not puncture

ahh i always wondered but i have neva changed a tyre so i have never seen it! i knew it would b on the rim.

black electrical tape works fine

What about Fruit Roll-Ups?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

naw. to expensive. its better to use Bubble Tape

Cool, I never thought about that. Do you need more then one layer? Does it have to be black? :smiley:

I use 2 or 3 layers i suppose, never got that scientific about it
(and people out there are making shifting hubs :frowning: )

I’m sorry. It does, in fact, need to be black.

I think you mean fruit by the foot. :smiley:

Sofa is correct. Black electrical tape does need to be black.

Damn! My 29er has green tape. If only I’d have known before Red Bull, I could have gone so much faster!

I’ve used insulating tape on all my unis so far, but I think the much higher tyre pressure of the 29er is making me think about getting some proper rim tape for that one. It makes the tape bulge down into the holes even with four layers, whereas two or three stops any bulging with the lower pressures of the smaller, fatter wheels.


“Colorless green electrical tapes sleep furiously.”
–Noam Chomsky

Why not duct tape. It fixes everything else. Doesn’t stretch like electric tape. Comes in several colors and is thicker.

Strapping tape works well. The fiberglass strands don’t stretch. I use one or two layers.

Duct tape is too wide. Won’t fit into the area where it’s needed. Other than that you are correct. It works great for everything except for what it was made for. When it is used on duct work, it usually dries out and falls off.

Electrical tape isnt that great and is a mess if you have to fix spokes…just spend the 3 bucks a buy a roll of velox rim tape…the tube can eventualy bust through the electrical tape and get cut on the islet (on double rolled rims)…peace