where do you look while gliding? down or out?

Im getting comfortable with gliding but I want to make sure my technique is correct.

While going down a hill, should I look straight down at my feet, a few feet infront of the uni, 15 feet infront, or what?

Also, the ball of my foot that is resting on the frame gets veeery sore after only a couple glides. Does anyone else get this?

Just as a sidenote, I can’t seem to get my speed up above 5 mph while gliding, even when I start off with 1 footed riding. I suppose that speed will just come with time?


Everyone seems to learn this way faster than I do… Messa so jealous… I’m only about at the level of little crappy glides after a couple of months of (kindof soft but still) practising…

I’ll get there…

ill trade you my gliding for your rolling-hop-onto-a-picnic-table anyday.


I look about four meters ahead, sometimes alot more. Staring at the pedals would probably throw my balance.

I just noticed today that I was starting to get a pain in the frame foot. I don’t know what causes this. I ride with my foot on the frame very frequently, but I have never had any pain before.

To increase your speed on a slope, just lighten up on the pressure or use a steeper slope.

I always keep my eye on the tire and foot. If I look several meters ahead, I lose my balance and bail to the front. It might be a good idea to practice gliding without watching the foot all the time so you can dodge the obstacles too!

Look as much into the horizontal as you can, because this is where you take reference from a lot AND most important it will make your ‘balance-tool’ work better.

If you think you’ll need to look at your tire or foot… start going back to practising wheel walk again, untill you blindly know exactly where your frame crown is.

But again, even for finger-wheel-walk or handride: always look forward.