Where do you guys buy pallets???? And is my pedal/crank stripped?????

I’m gonna make a small set-up in my backyard for trials riding after I get my new uni and wanted pallets. Where have you guys been getting them and how much are they. Can you make them?

alright, i have a crappy LX right now which i’ve been abusing kinda (riding down 5 sets a lot and doing 1.5 foot drops) and now i’m messed up. My school talent show is…2 days from now i think, and i’m riding a bit in my friends diaboloing thing and today i just noticed something. my right crank is a little awkward and when i ride it makes a click. the pedal looks sideways and feels weird when riding, and you can see the inside of the crank looking at an angle. since it’s sideways i think it’s stripped and doomed. i dont wanna take it out and try and put it back in casue im afraid it’ll break. you guys think it’s broken???
if this isn’t enough info I’ll try to upload some pics once i find my damn USB connector…

anyway, thanks,

making pallets would be too hard and expensive. You just go behing a store like totem home depot canadian tire etc. and take them :stuck_out_tongue:

ahemm… behind stores, there is usually a stack of mal-treated pallets that are up for grabs, but the fun thing to find is Beer Pallets :slight_smile: they rock(the wooden ones anyways)

just look around, or buy some like was mentioned since you need them now. i suggest getting some extremely sturdy ones.

Umm I dont really know about the crank problem… But for pallets, my dad went to a plumbing/construction/electric etc store and they had a bunch that you can take for free :smiley:

Im trying to find some more pallets to take apart and make stuff because wood gets expencive :smiley:

Just chech behind a bunch of stores. Department stores have lots of them, but probably won’t give them to you. Building supply stores and equitment rental places also have them, and it doesn’t hurt to ask. I don’t think you will buy any.

Check out my recent thread about building stuff with pallets, for when you do get some.

Check to see if the nut that holds the crank to the axle is loose. You’ll have to pop the plastic cap off to get to it. Also check your bearing clamps.

Is your pedal loose?

it sounds liek the pedal is loose. thats is not good. when that happened to mine i got some 2 ton epoxy and filled in the hole before i screwed the pedal in. it still works, but is cracking. i havn’t done any large jumps on it though.

EDIT: the EPOXY is a PERMANENT fix if it even works. if you do this be SURE not to get any in the bearing, try to find/buy some new cranks if at all possible.

That is stealing and should not be condoned on this website! The companies get deposits for those. There are plenty that they will give away if you ask. Paint stores, construction companies, etc.

  1. so…should i just ask the stores if they’re for grabs? I don’t get why they’d just toss them around for free… I’m not to fond of the stealing idea really…

  2. uhhmm, so what should i do about the pedal? It’s not loose but it makes a click every have rotation (not really a click, more like a pop you feel) and it’s totally sideways. Can pulling it out and putting it back in work? It’s OK if it’s only a chance casue my friend has a uni i could borrow if something happens. Is there a chance that popping it out and back in woul work tho? And what’s that EPOXY stuff? where can i get it, and how long does it take to dry?


should take 15 mins or so to dry, it is actually a resin, and i do not suggest taking the pedal out, unless you are doing something like the epoxy.(JB weld works too, but its way softer, and probably won’t hold as well)

taking it in and out will probably not work

epoxy is available at walmart, HEB plus, hardware stores etc, the stuff i am talking about costs around or under $5 for a “tube”(its actually 2 that shoot through a nozzle, then you mix it)

i don’t know much about JB weld, but if there is a RIGID form of it that would be the best.

umm are you serious or being sarcastic?


anyway, i think i’m gonna knock out that pedal and try to put it back in cause if worst comes to wrst, i have my friends back up uni. +, if it breaks, i’ll have a better chance of convincing my parents to buy me my new trials uni insteead of in December.

EDIT: why would companies be giving away free pallets???

cuz they are pallets, pallets are USUALLY made from scrap wood that couldn’t be used for anything else at a sawmill (or whatever) they are VERY cheap( i don’t konw the exact price) and they wear out if they get used too much. if a pallet breaks, it isn’t good at all. they need to be sturdy, so they don’t want do deal with old pallets a lot of times, and they toss them rather than re use them.
or let people take some of them.(around here they are usually used for bonfires on the beach)

Exactly. They don’t.

Most places have paid for their pallets… so they’d be losing money to give them away for free.

Ask before you take, or else you’ll be stealing, and stealing is bad, mmm-kay?

Sounds like you’re making an assumption, here. 'Tis best not to give assumed advice to friends unless you don’t mind them being pinched for stealing…why don’t you clarify what you posted for us?

nope some do i know a company that gives them out for free,

sorry, that was a little unclear, i talked to the manager of a Target and a security guard about pallets, and that is the message i got from them. i know some companies care about pallets(I.E. WAL-MART)

Like I said, it doesn’t hurt to ask. All 14 of mine were given to me, from 3 different places.

You may have to ask at several places though. Don’t just go to stores, try places like shipping yards, freight companies, whatever. You never know.

The best way for us to understand about your pedal is if you posted a picture of the problem.

yah, things have been kinda hectic hear in the last few days, I’ll try and find my USB cord and upload pics as soon as possible, i’ll do it later, i got school now.

So true. Some companies have a 5 dollar deposit on pallets, so if you take 10 of them home with you, thats 50 dollars gone from them. You have a phone, so just start calling stores, mainly hardware stores, and ask if they have pallets you can pick up for free, a lot of them will say yes. Then there is no worry of having to go steal pallets from a store.

And trust me, it isnt hard to find a store that will give away pallets. I have a Lowe’s a few mins away from me, with what seems like to be 1k pallets behind their warehouse, and they arent the run down ones either. All heavy duty and nice. I get those for free. =p

Just call around, dont be a thief.

Construction bins

You know, those big square metal things out on the street in front of anyplace being built or redone. Cinder blocks, cement, roofing supplies etc. , are stacked on pallets so a forklift can move them. They then end up in the bin with lots of good scrap wood. I have ordered blocks and cement delivered, and they always just give me the pallet. After that, most builders have no use for it and throw it away. They don’t mind you taking stuff from the bin. It costs them by the pound to have that stuff hauled away, you are saving them money by lightening their bin.:slight_smile:

alright, so here’s what happened. Before the talent show (1 hour before i had to be there) my cranks was as loose as ever. i tried to tighten it but i accidently un-tightened it and it came off. i was right, the pedal and crank was completly stripped. where there once a ring for screwing in, was now a smooth surface. my LX is pretty much done for in my book. fixing it would cost around $30 and I don’t care to fix it because I’m saving for a trials. For christmas I’m supposed to be getting my Nimbus ISIS Trials w/ upgraded cranks. But now I’m going to try to convince my mom that I just REALLAY need it now and don’t want anything for Christmas. Anyways, afer the pedal fell out and it was stripped both ways I quickly got my friends LX and used that. It all ended good in the end (other than my dead LX). As of pallets, I’m gonna just call a bunch of big companies around here and ask for them. You guys think that I’m gonna be able to convince my mom on teh account i was gonna get the uni anyway, mines broken, and I’d help pay $50 of it?

Thanks for your guy’s help.