Where do you get cranks longer than 137mm?!

I’ve been looking everywhere for a place to buy a trials uni with cranks longer than 137mm.
Where do you buy trials unis with cranks longer than 137mm? :thinking: (Preferably KH Moments) Or
is 137mm a good length for a uni that you ONLY use for trials?



If you call and ask, there is a chance they will substitute moments for whatever cranks that come with the uni you are buying, saving you a little $.

137s are a good length for a trials unicycle, anything longer makes turning hard and riding weird but make hopping REALLY stable.

Thank you

The riding isnt that weird. Only weird when you first start riding it, but you get used to it.

The only problem, which isnt bad cause it doesnt happen all that much, is with longer cranks, you can hit the pedal onto the ground.