Where do you buy your UNI movies

I have yet to find a local store that has even heard of a unicycle movie, its pretty pathetic but also in a way understandable, we are a minority that is for sure. So where do you get your UNI movies? A local store, if so what one or online, what webpage.



Bedford Unicycles

Drop Darren an Email and he’ll get you what you need.


He has alot more stuff than his price list suggests so email him if you want something.

Loyal Bedford Customer.

My LBS is where I got my copy of One Tired Guy. They also have UNiVERSE, but I’m waiting for number two to come out.


Re: Where do you buy your UNI movies

It’s all Dan Heaton’s fault. Universe (1) I should have been on sale wherever adventure sports videos were sold. Okay, not really. Dan’s problem with that was apparently an insufficient rights situation with some of the music that was used. Verbal agreements instead of stuff on paper, etc.

The same is not true for Universe 2, which will hopefully make the breakthrough to mainstream sales, at least as mainstream as “similar” bike and skate videos.

Otherwise our market is very specialized. To find the specialty stuff, you have to go to the specialty store. In the US, that’s Unicycle.com.

What’s an LBS?

Maybe time to revive the thread Acronym Assistance Needed

Local Bedford Shop :slight_smile:

I had the same question once upon a time.

Local Bike Store
Local Bicycle Shop