Where do I put a computer on a 28" cruiser?

Dave Stockton (U-turn) is building up the base of a cruiser for me.
This includes the wheel. tire, and brakes mounted into a Sem XL frame. I am adding the extra parts from left overs from past unis to complete it. BTW, he’s done an awesome job with the wheel.

Anyway, I have an old (c. 1985) b*ke computer lying around that I never used. So, where exactly can I place it? What about mounting the wheel scanner(I forgot what it’s called) to the frame? Do I need longer mounting cables or something to get around the large blades?

In fact, I am not sure I still have all of the mounting hardware. :astonished:

I will use my old miyata seat with handle.



With cyclocomputers, generally the magnet attaches somehow to the spokes (different companies have different systems) and the sensor (“wheel scanner”) is mounted (with a bracket or the like) to the fork. Whether or not your sensor can fit on your fork would be for you to find out – get the mounting hardware (if you can find it) and see if it fits. The sensors on all my computers have a strap of sorts that holds it to the fork. If you find yours to be too short, a zip-tie (a plastic, locking strap) might solve your problems.

It sounds like it might take some effort to get this thing to work (finding parts and all), and since I’m inherently wary of any technology I’ve never had a chance of seeing or using (I was three years old in 1985), I’d suggest dropping a little coin on a newer, more capable unit. Bike Nashbar sells them for as cheap as $10 USD. Anything in the $10 - $30 should have more than enough functionality for anyone using it for more interest’s sake than for hardcore training. Check out what they have here:

You can look at the feature list of any given computer and decide what you’d be interested in having. I didn’t see that any of the details discuss the mounting hardware, but since I assume people with a front shock (which are a good deal larger than a stiff fork) use cyclocomputers, I wouldn’t be too concerned about your fork being too big.


When I mounted the sensor for a stoker computer on the rear seat stay on my tandem I cut up an innertube for shims and used zip ties to secure it.

A woman in the Unatics places her computer head on the seatpost. Here’s a pic of the sensor of an Enduro II attached to a Coker stock frame.

Thanks for the compliment, Rod!

I have cycle computers on several of my unis including the 28. New computers are available for less than £10/$15.

Magnet goes on spoke, sensor goes on fork leg, somewhere where the magent can pass within about 5 mm of the sensor.

Make sure there’s no slack cable to tangle or chafe - use cable ties or tape.

I mount the computer head uniton the seat tube (rather than the seat post) fairly low down, and at the back to protect it in UPDs. This means I can’t read the computer when riding, but it does record trip distance, total distance, time, and max speed. Other models will record average speed.

If you try to mount a computer where you can read it you will either (A) damage it when you UPD, or (B) UPD when you try to read it at high speed… unless you have some sort of a handle and mount it in a suitable position there.

>“Here’s a pic of the sensor of an Enduro II attached to a >Coker stock frame.”

That was some stylin’ chrome. I just love chrome.

Riding computers? :astonished: Where? I guess I don’t have anything too intelligent to add… sorry…