Where do I purchase 13g spoke nipples?

Recently I broke one of the nipples on my Koxx/KH trials. The entire wheel is K1. I did some research and found that K1 wheels use 13g spokes/nipples. UDC does not have 13g nipples in stock. Where can I purchase them?

An employee at my LBS said that brass nipples will hold up better. If this is true, where can I purchase 13g brass nipples?

I don’t mean to make this more confusing, but I’m pretty sure that Koxx is a french company, and the french gauges are different than the US/UK gauges. The french 13g, is the same diameter as the US/UK 14g, 2mm. I would try a standard 14g nipple to see if the thread is the same before I bought a bunch. Also, it may very well be that the Koxx cycles don’t use french gauge spokes, but I think it likely that they do.

The employee at your LBS should’ve told you that you could buy them for him. it’s possible for any LBS to order them, although you may have to buy more than you need.

Well he said that they don’t even carry 13g nipples at all.

I also need them this week, so I plan to rush ship them once I find a seller.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or confirm that 14g nipples will work with my rim/spokes?

no, they may not carry then as standard but at least one of their suppliers will and you’d have to order a full box- if they tell you that isn’t the case you need a new LBS as they’re lying to you; or they only sell what are known as “bicycle-shaped objects”.
Sorry - lazy shop staff really really annoy me.
However if you want them quickly you’ll need somewhere that does have them in stock.

Unfortunately, UDC US doesn’t stock them. They only stock 14g nipples, which makes me think they’ll work, but I don’t want to waste money(as I’m running rather low). I think I’ll go to another LBS and ask if they can try a 14g nipple on the spoke.

Here is a link to Sheldon Brown’s wheel building page where he says clearly that the french 13g, and US 14g spokes are the same diameter.

Why don’t you just take one of your nipples to your bike shop and see if it screws onto one of their 14g spokes? That would probably be the fastest way to find out for sure, and you will be able to today if they fit.

I went to every LBS I could find, and none had 13g spokes. They all tried 14g spokes on it and they would not fit. I called up Renegade Juggling, and I was able to get some spokes and nipples from them. Thank you all for your help.

I should have thought of that. I mean it only seems right that a KOXX dealer would have their parts.