Where do I get specialty Uni's?

Hey guys, I’m looking for a place to browse and buy good specialty Uni’s (such as >35" wheel, mini-uni’s, giraffes, etc.). I’ve tried Unicycle.com, of course, but it seems all of their specialty stuff is sold out or not available anymore. Am I SOL and have to pay for a machine welder to custom make one, or is there a site or store I have missed?

Thanks for your help!

Taken from the Unicycle.com links page.

Though I’ve never had Tommi build me anything I’ve heard nothing but good reviews.


Check with Tommy at the Unicycle Factory


Tommy has made every imaginable unicycle for a wide variety of performers for at least 20 years. Give him a call. He doesn’t do email.

His prices are very reasonable, and his work is first rate.


I appreciate it, guys. I’ll get in touch with these guys. Take care!

I believe they are one in the same.