where do i get some good shin guards?

hey homies. im lookin for some shin guards cuz i dont like messin my shins up on the pedals. i didnt find any on unicycle.com so…

all i need are SHIN guards i dont need the whole leg protectors. yet.

and i need them cheap like 40-
and they have to be avaliable in USA
cuz i dont want to have to order from france or whatever

football ones any good?

he means soccer, for those of us that are in the awesome US of A
and yes they do work, i use them. I want some khs though

if you look through unicycle.com better its got 661 leg armor 40$ ill get link for em

BAM http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=3&subcat=46&cat=Leg+Protection&L2=Safety+Gear&L3=Leg+Protection

america is a funny place lol

america IS a funny place

and just as a fyi, you can get 661s much cheaper other places

haha why is it funny? i guess its kinda cool.
i think it is seriously the best country in the world for sure
but there is no cool uni stiff here! its all in europe :frowning:

and i dont really want the sixsixones
i just need some for my ankles. i dont want knee guards

I bought my pair at target for 11 bucks, and they rock, their just soccer shingaurds, though some people use pitchers leg gaurds from baseball.

661 makes some shin guards called Veggie Wraps that some people here use and seem to like. They velcro on so don’t need big ol’ knee socks like soccer guards. Plus, you can buy the Veggie Wrap knee pads separately and they attach together, if you decide you need knee protection in the future.


Yea those are pretty sick.

well you have it all, thats why europe is better u said it urself :stuck_out_tongue:

nah no one country can be the best, ther all difrent :wink:

thats why europe rocks, loads of differences, but united under one flag :smiley: i love it