Where do I buy Schlumpf/ how do I install it?


I want to upgrade my Kris Holm 24" by gearing it (Guni?).
I have a couple of questions by this topic:

  1. Where should I buy it? (Closest to Norway?) so far I’ve looked at this site
    and their homepage for Schlumpf innovations.

  2. When installing it, do I need new spokes? Should I install it myself?
    And how hard would this be to accomplish?

Thank you!

Unless you’re pretty used to wheel builds maybe best not to take on this build

If you have someone local who will lace up the wheel take it to them

I very recently bought this hub from mumicycle.com but I bought a whole uni at the same time so got them to build the wheel before shipping.

I answer this in norwegian
Jeg kan anbefale å handle med Unicycle.com sweden.

De bygger hjulet om du ønsker det og du får navnet ditt inngravert
I navet.
Kursen sek/nok gjør det forholdsvis rimelig:-)
Innstallasjon av hjulet er enkelt men du bør kjøpe momentnøkkler
De får du hos sykkelkomponenter.no.
Lykke til!


Maybe you already got all answers. But as I don’t speak Norwegian, I don’t know.

Roland (the owner of einradladen.de) for sure is a great source. I got 2 Schlumpf hubs from him, and about 100 unicycles (not all for me). Never got a reason to brag or complain. I know they are shipping worldwide. So shipping a Schlumpf hub to Norway shouldn’t be a big deal. Maybe you want to check for shipping conditions, Norwegian customs, … in advance.

Yes, you need new spokes as the Schlumpf hub has larger flanges than most other unicycling hubs. I would recommend to order the spokes together with the hub. If you provide the brand and/or size of your rim, Roland will know the length of required spokes. Or you can check here.
Order some extra spokes as well. They cost almost nothing, and you will need them in case a spoke breaks.
Installing the hub is the same as with any other hub. So if you know how to build a wheel, go for it. If not, maybe you want to ask some experienced wheel builder to do it. Either you send your rim to Roland and let him build your wheel, or you go for your local bike shop.

One more thing: you should try to avoid to pay German VAT, which is 19%. But you will have to pay Norwegian VAT. So you will not want to pay VAT in both countries.

I just used some online translation tool … :smiley:

This is something the dealer won’t do for you, but Florian Schlumpf can do when manufacturing the hub. If you want to have your name (or anything else) engraved, you should either order at schlumpf.ch directly, or your dealer needs to order a new hub (instead of taking one from stock). In both cases it will take several weeks or even months before you get your hub. If you have your name engraved, you won’t be able to sell your hub, or at least you have to offer a discount. Nobody else wants to ride with your name engraved.

Thank you, this helped.
My closest shop is unicycle.se.
I already have a Kris Holm 24", the one I wish to gear. You mentioned they would build my wheel for me- will they without selling me a new one?
If I order http://www.unicycle.se/Shop/shopdisplayproducts.asp?Search=Yes
from Unicycle.se, where should I buy new spokes? sykkelkomponenter.no mentioned by Solocyclist did not sell them after what I saw.
And I do have a local bike store- If you think they’ll do it.

I don’t know about unicycle.se. einradladen.de for sure will build a wheel for you, even without selling you a new one. And they are selling fitting spokes as well.

You can order the spokes at Unicycle.se,
At sykkelkomponenter.no you can order the momentwrench you will need .

I got my wheel buildt around a Schlumpf hub by unicycle.se in october 2011 and they did a great job. I also bought a new rim and spokes, but I am sure you can send them the rim you got - very service minded people there.

Where in Norway do you live?

I live in Østfold. (Ostfold).
Unicycle.se sounds reasonable both by distance and their beforehand experience…
I do not really want to take it to my local bike show. I doubt they have installed a schlumpf hub.

Thank you, again!