Where do i buy good QUALITY juggling balls?

Hi jugglers and maybe soem unicyclists,
Im in australia so ive been to

I dont know which are the best quality that dont break or burst open cos ive already bought 2 or 3 tubes of not so good juggling balls due to breakage. Ive thought o these but i dont know where to get them, my fren has these and they are high quality. Maybe i can ask her tonite or check out what they have at my cicus school to nite.

If you are breaking juggling balls, I take it you are talking about beanbags. Why not go for something a little more durable like Dx Chroma juggling balls, they are filled soft juggling balls that feel like a beanbag, but have a ball finish. I have some and they are great for juggling outside, as they don’t get damaged when they get wet.

Here is a link to them on the Juggleart site: http://www.juggleart.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=93&cPath=184_30_43


Hmm, I don’t really know much about juggling in Australia…

But yeah. Ask other jugglers in you juggling club or whatever, I’m sure they can help you.

Don’t buy those little sets that come in a tube or package of 3, those are usually cheepies intended for beginners who are just starting. DX balls are a good choice, but there are good durable beanbags out there. It’ll just be a little more pricey then the cheap ones you’ve been getting.

http://baglady.procis.net/ you wont be sorry. She is located in the US though.

Best juggling balls in my opinion are vinyl bean bags, I bought mine on renegade (http://www.renegadejuggling.com/Web_store/rev3k/index.html) these are great for beginners because they feel good, don’t roll too far when dropped, but are still incredibly high quality. Buy 4 of the same color so that once you master the basic cascade (not sure if you’re a juggler already or not) you can move onto 4.

Unfortunately that store is located in the US, that link to what your friend has looks like a vinyl bean bag which is exactly what im talking about. Good luck!

These http://www.flyingclipper.com/home/fly/smartlist_87/juggle_beanbags.html are top of the line. Especially the hybrids. Excellent fill makes for amazing flight.

Read: http://www.flyingclipper.com/home/fly/page_449_87/tossaball_12_hybrid_juggle_ball.html

Yes i am already a juggler and can do plenty of tricks like mills, windmill, shower, half-shower, colums and lots of other stuff. (realeasing juggling video in a few months.) I can juggle 4 balls for about 10 seconds but that duznt help with the 5 ball cascade as im getting professional juggling balls to practice that. I shoud ov said that before. anway i hope the websites you guys have provided me ae international trade but i think they will cost too much postage. Im going to circus school in a couple of hours time and hopefulluy my frends will be their today and asked them where they got theirs. (probably at the actual circus school or juggleart.com.au).

OH YEA and i don have the ugly beanbags its something like this but mine are crappier than that but again they are notsoft squishy beanbags they have a sack of coffee beans things and is coverd buy the general coloured style but the material is not squishy! if that makes sense.

Juggling Balls Juggling Beanbags

DX Balls

Bounce Balls

Stage Balls

Acrylic Balls

Lighted Balls

Weighted Balls

Inflatable Balls

I forgot what type of balls are professinal? I just want soft nice fit ones that dont break.

Serious Juggling OR GBallz are two good places to get juggling balls from. I personally order juggling/unicycling stuff from serious juggling(who it just so happens also currently have some KH leg armor in stock as well as some KH gloves if anybody is looking for some they only have a few sizes though so call and ask first… you should also tell them I was the one who told you about them :wink: I might get some cool extra goodies… or a pat on the back… next time I see them.)

I like these Mr Babache stage balls. They are way prettier than any of the beanbag things.

They do roll though, so sometimes you have to chase them down, but it’s all good fun. They certainly teach you to be accurate, which is important if you’re juggling 4 or 5, as the penalty for hitting balls into each other is higher.

Rolling is nice though, you can do contacty things with them. You can’t (or at least I can’t) do footbag style tricks with rolly balls though.


Those could all be professional.

You want beanbags right? Then just get some nice suede or vinyl beanbags, ask people in your circus club what they would recommend. Your probably right, ordering from the US would be too much shipping cost for you. Your circus club can help you with somethign more local.

well i still kinda dont know what the diference is bettween all these barbaque, dx, soft, stge balls and all are but know what imlooking for just i dont know what type. it a simple round juggling balls with a nice soft surface, i posted a pic of it he first post. and i found out them dx balls all something ar rubber and thats what im not lookin for. My frend wasnt there sonow i have to wait 2 more weeks cos its hols.

DX Balls, Bounce Balls, Stage Balls, and Acrylic Balls are all some type of rubber. Sounds like you don’t want any of those.

Lighted Balls are different types, but they are battery powered and light up for at night, but will be more expensive so you prbably don’t want those either.

Weighted Balls are basicly really heavy to build muscle. And, you probably don’t want Inflatable Balls either.

You just want a nice set of juggling Beanbags. Probably something very similiar to the ones you have now, just much nicer and better made. (that can make a lot of difference)

seems like what he wants would be something like what I recommended to him on MSN a while ago, Mister Babache squish juggling beanbags they’re $8.50 each on Serious Juggling’s site The shipping would probably cost twice that to get to him though… so if he could find some locally they would be good I guess.

yes thats exacty wat iwant jst better made. woont you cll them sft bals? bloody keyboard &((&%^)&^&( ithardy work!!!

I got some of these. Their great. Good size and weight and won’t break. They can be used outdoors without getting damaged. When they get dirty you can just wipe them clean. They’re soft and smooth and don’t roll far away when dropped. They are extremely popular and I would highly recommend them. I wasn’t too sure about getting acrylic balls but when I started using them I was very impressed. CircusStuff is good to buy from, I’ve had no problems with them yet.

I’ve just bought some nice pink ones. they are lovely.

I made my own beanbags. Made out out of blue and orange denim and filled with millet. I underfilled them, so catching with my head and feet is easier. They do get dirty, but I just put them in the washer to clean them.

They look the same as the DX Chroma 68 I recommended. They work really well.


DX and MMX are very similar but MMX are a little softer.