Where do clubs practice?

After reading the latest On One Wheel I am considering registering a club for
the Akron, OH area. To do that, of course, I will need a place for a club to
meet. Where do other clubs meet? I don’t want to just pick out a parking lot
somewhere, because I’ll get kicked off eventually, but I am wondering if schools
and parks are touchy about liability if I go ask? Does anyone have any



Re: Where do clubs practice?


You might try contacting Kevin Delagrange of the Rubber City Jugglers. They meet
on Monday nights (well, used to and maybe still do) on Brown Street in Akron. In
warmer weather, we used to get a group of unicyclists out in the parking lot,
although officially the juggling club meets in the gym. A good bunch of blokes,
if you don’t mind hanging out with jugglers.

Jim Cannon

Re: Where do clubs practice?


Since you’re in Kent, why not at the Univ? What could they have to say about it?
And try contacting Ben Seacar at Kent. Tell him Milo sent ya.