where did the KH trials go?!

so i finally talked my dad into loaning me some money so i can buy a new uni…and so i decided on the KH trials…i go to unicycle.com go to the trials section…annnd its not there. :thinking:

let me check.

wtf? it’s gone :thinking:

I just checked, and you can get it from bedford, but it’s about $40 more than from UDC. You might want to email them to ask where it went.

edit: I have the KH trials, and it’s great. It’s light as a feather, and well worth the money. If there out of stock, you might want to wait the month until they get more.

It’s bothersome when UDC does that. They took off the qu-ax trials and replaced it with some silly mismatched qu-ax/nimbus thing.

Having said that, the Nimbus Hoppley doesn’t look too bad, if you don’t mind saving some money on a slightly heavier uni.

Miles, is the $40 more from Bedford in USD or canadian?

Perhaps the latest 2006 version is coming out soon.

I didn’t actually figured it out, I think thats about right, let me check again…

OUCH! It’s almost $75 USD more than from UDC. :o

this sucks.

i dont really want to wait a month(or however long) to ride again, because by then summer break is half way gone. but i dont really want to shell out the extra 75 bucks to get one from bedford…

im thinking i might end up not getting the KH, this is kinda a bummer but i cant go a month without riding.
i guess i will have to talk to the UDC people first and see exactly what is going down before i make any final decisions.

PICK ME PICK ME!!! I just remembered where yoiu can get it!!!



go jugglingstore.com WOOT!

edit: its $7 dollars more than UDC:)

you can also get it at amazon.com its a great uni im thinking of getting one myself

I have much good feedback for jugglingstore.com, I ordered a TX from them (bearing in mind i live in the UK) and they were very helpful when customs screwed up, and sent a second uni out before the first one had been returned to them free of charge.

I also have tons of good feedback for them. I order all my juggling props from them(except for clubs because they don’t sell renegade clubs) and they are always very helpful. They also have good prices!

k so, i just got word from UDC that they are out of stock of the KH trial unis and KH trial frames. darn.
so i think i decided that i am going to get the Nimbus Hoppley, its a little bit of a step down. But i dont mind all that much, saving money is always good. Especially since it isnt a huge difference…is it?

get the kh. go with the juggling store I guess I my self got a uni with profiles and loved it until my cranks woudnt get replaced, get a kh cauz trust me ull regret it… I regret my choice now.

the nimbus hoppley should be great for you…I have nothing bad to say about that wheeleset. Its pretty much the exact same as the and itd rock solid…I love mine:)

haha. ahh its so hard to make a decision.
i think i will make the final decision here pretty soon though. yikes. im excited. haha

If you get the nimbus hoppley, you can afford to upgrade to a cf base, because If you are doing 3 foot hop ups, then your probably going to do some big stuff, and then break your seat base. Also, the nimbus hoppley is powder coated, and has a gel saddle. the kh has the aluminum frame though… and the kh crankset

hmm good call about the CF base…i have already broken a seat in half.
gah. way to make my decision way harder haha.

its like an exactly 100 dollar difference between the two, not factoring in that i might get a cf base if i get the hoppley…

i think i might just bite the bullet and go for the KH if it really truly is worth that extra hundred bucks.

Im telling you I own a non-kh uni and its good its the strongest hub out there and I regret not having a kh, get a kh man ull love it I know it.

I have a kh, so I don’t really no how much difference it is on ahevier uni. get the KH, then when you can afford it, or when you break your seat, you can get CF. also, the kh frame has a 27.2 mm. frame which is a big plus.