Where could I find Pallets?

I have been looking for some pallets for hopping practice, but I can’t find any. Does anyone know where I could find some?
I herd they are really good for hopping onto.


You can find pallets behind most stores. I got some from behind a newspaper office.
But first make sure you can take them for free. Most of the time you can, but sometimes they want to keep them.

I was going to say at your local Newspaper too. Ours even puts an ad in itself Titled “Free Pallets”. These may not be the creme de la creme. Naturally they’ll use the best ones over again. But apparently they accumulate. I got some once off their mountainous pile they looked fine to me.

Other businesses (like the one I work for) dont accumulate quite so many and therefore reuse reuse reuse. So asking would be a good idea.

Thanks for the info. I live right by one of thoes outdoor food markets, they have about a billion pallets out in back, I’ll ask if I could have some from them,


I prefer stealing them from walmart.

Do I really have to say why this is ok?

If I had a place to put them, that would surly be where I got them from


Plumbing Wholesalers.

Call around to some stores, thats what i did, and most of them will give u some free pallets. I actually called “the pallet store” and they offered to give me free pallets after i told them i was a trials unicyclist. Sometimes if u explain why u want them then it is easier to get them

This is because there are pallets meant for only one use after which they are considered trash. These are usually those smaller 90cmx120xcm (3’x4’). And then there are these bigger ones 100cmx120cm (3’4"x4) that are meant to be brought back to the sender so they can use them again. These cost a lot more and are usually quite a much stronger. I’m not sure about the sizes but I think they are pretty close. The bigger ones are sometimes a little thicker, one inch or so.

Re: Where could I find Pallets?

sabin_a. <sabin_a@noemail.message.poster.at.unicyclist.com> wrote:

> I have been looking for some pallets for hopping practice, but I can’t
> find any. Does anyone know where I could find some?

Find where the Factories and Warehouses and Cash and Carry places are in
your area, go and cruise
around that district till you see a BIG pile of pallets in a yard. Go and
ask nicely if you can take some of them.

Alternatively do the cruise at the weekend and take any that are
stacked next to the skip (dumpter) and damaged.


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You can occasinally find them at apartment buildings but they usulayy wont let you take them