Where could I find a Miyata saddle?

I’m pretty sure that I’m going to get a red Miyata saddle to match my new tire that sould be in the mail shortly, but unicycle.com is out of stock until 2006! Now I’m stumped, where in the heck do I get one? I saw that Bedford has them, but I’d rather not bother with the American to Canadian currency crap and also the shipping is probably expensive from Canada to here. Does anybody know of an alternative? I would perfer a resonable price, too. O yea, I know I should post this in the “Wanted” thread, but if anybody has a nice condition RED Miyata saddle that they want to give up for a little cash, that’d be awsome! If so, just PM me about it.

I’m pretty sure that Darren only carries the green Miyatas anyway. I’m not sure of any other distributors.

Not sure about what Darren has but I’ve found that his shipping charges are very reasonable and he’s a great person to do business with. I wouldn’t worry about the currency conversion. All it means to you is that the US price is less than what is listed on his website. You may want to give him a call.

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looking at the miyata website they only seem to do green saddles these days

why not buy a green saddle and buy a red cover for it separately

you can also get red leather covers in the uk