Where can you find really short cranks (like 60mm)

Where can you find really short cranks such as 60mm or 58mm or whatever is the standard size (around 2 in). The reason why I am asking is for the UNICON 14 700c race. I just checked and the crank size is unlimited.

You can get cotterless (square-taper) cranks in 50mm 55mm 60mm in Japan but they cost $57


that’s pretty expensive, plus shipping to US

they’re $82 with shipping to US

Oops I would advise against using that site as it has security issues. Sorry, I didn’t realise that when I posted the link to it.


anyone know where you can get these cranks in the us

take some regular cranks and have a machinist shorten them, I would look for cranks with zero Q factor. They don’t have to be wicked strong, they’ll be too short to bust anyway.

Qu-ax aluminum ones would probably be great for shortening.

Also I seem to remember someone buying those cranks and when they got them, they turned out to be long cranks that had just been shortened by a machinist.

unicycle.com UK - not in the US, but can do any size you want down to 50mm and maybe less. I don’t know the price but there’s no harm asking. I think they’re doing a batch reasonably soon (but probably after xmas)

That looks completely sick to a bike rider :slight_smile:

yeah, I can’t imagine moving a bike with those sort of cranks!

You certainly wouldn’t want teeny-tiny cranks for a 100m race. Are you thinking of the 1500 or 10k Unlimited race? Or both I guess. You definitely need leverage for the 100m though, maybe 102s or 110s.

I have this pair of tiny cranks, which I believe I bought from Daiki Izumeda (as seen in Universe 2). I bought them for a laugh. He must have used them for “unlimited 24” racing," which they have in Japan, before it was possible to buy the nicer, lighter ones from MYS. Approximate length 55mm (I can measure again if anyone’s interested). $40.00 including shipping to anywhere in the US.

well, with xmas money I am considering it… will PM you if I decide to get it.

EDIT: the 1500 for sure and maybe 10k, not sure about that one yet.
I already have 89/102/114mm so I am set there (they’re not tri-drilled they are three separate cranks)