where can i see a bedford

i was wondering if theres a web site where i could check out bedford uni and bc’s thanks

Here’s one. Tangerine Dream.

is there anywhere that you can see the actual unis ( or dont they have a real website)

The old guy is Darren? Or the dog?

Thier website consists primarily of a pdf file of prices, but most of the parts they sell are pictured on unicycle.com, and for the stuff that they customize you can go to webshots and search for bedford unicycle and you should find some cool pictures of their color choices for rims and frames. If you have any questions regarding any particular items email darren (email is on the main site listed above) and ask him, he is very helpful!

slick as tyre Harper


That’s Darren’s dog Harper

is that a 20" or a 24" uni? it looks awesome.


Excellent joke.



It’s a Coker. Greg’s actually 9’ tall.

ohh that explains it… where is that uni on the price list? I couldn’t find it.


he was joking, it’s a 24" lightduty muni with a 3" fireball tire on it (not sure he still stocks those fireballs)

(extra $ for the powdercoated orange)

yea i know;) that 24" looks like it would be really fun though.

is the tangering dream the bedford light duty on the downhill part of the price list?

The Tangerine Dream is a custom uni built for me by Darren for a reasonable cost. I got the Fireball as a gift from the Mississippi boys, Animation and rhysling. Darren does custom work, there are lots of “Bedford” unis.

oh ok. lol that things looks so fun i almost want 2 get a 24" like that. oh well, more stuff on my wish list;)