where can i order a knoxx trials in the us?

this is without paying like 50 bucks for shipping


Try here.

Knoxx eh?? Never heard of it…Got anypics??lol. Try renegade or go to the K11 website and looks at their dealer locator.

K11 eh?? Never heard of it…Got anypics??lol. Wheres the Koxx-Eleven website?

on the website (http://renegadejuggling.com/Web_store/rev3k/index.html) it says a 24 inch wheel is better for learning. I thought as 20 inch was better.

20 inch is better for learning usually

you can get koxx/try-all parts from www.trialsin.com . Tim’s customer service is amazing.

dont byu from renegade… my friend bought a white widow almost 4 months ago and it still hasnt showed up.