Where can I get this part?

Where can you find this part? All the handle bar mounts I’ve seen terminate the tube rather than clamp around it.

jc coker handle.jpg

That’s probably a stoker stem for a tandem.

Stems do not terminate the bar, its just a locking cap that is on top of the headset. Its not the stem thats has the cap, its the headset. On a bike, its the bearing thing that lets the fork turn.

Reallly good stem for $11

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That’s a standard threadless style bicycle stem. That’s the style that most mountain bikes and road bikes are using now. The stem clamps to the steer tube (the tube that comes up from the fork). I’ll attach a picture that will make it more clear.

There’s more than one size of threadless stem. Some are designed to clamp to a 1" diameter steer tube. Some are designed to clamp to a 1-1/8" (28.6 mm) diameter steer tube. And there are a couple other sizes available now too (for tandems and downhill bikes). I used a 1-1/8" stem which is the size most commonly used on mountain bikes. The boom tube that I used was 28.6 mm (1-1/8") in diameter.

The stem in the attached picture has about a 5 degree rise (the angle it points upward from the stem). The stem I used on my JC Coker Handle has about a 25 degree rise. But on the Coker stem the amount of rise is not important other than aesthetics because you can slide the stem anywhere you want on the boom to position the handle where you want it.

I’ve got more details about the JC Coker Handle in my Miscellaneous Stuff gallery along with links to the threads describing it in more detail.

threadless style stem.jpg

so you need 2 stems?
one to go on the steer tube which you have cut the end off and inserted a peice of tubing and one on the end of the new tubing to attach your ‘handlebar’. is that right?

i have been meaning to get a ‘handlebar’ for ages!

one would be enough. just cut it in half and weld another piece of steel to fill the gap to make it your desired length.

Yes there are two stems. One adjustable stoker stem and one MTB stem.

I didn’t cut anything off of the stoker stem. It’s an adjustable stoker stem and I just took out the bit that holds the handlebars and replaced it with the long boom.

If you buy everything new at full suggested retail price the cost of this handle would be quite a lot. I got a lot of the pieces used from a local bike shop that sells used bike parts. I got the stoker stem from eBay cause the guy was selling the stems for much less than I could find them at retail.

can you get the stocker stem in the UK?if not do you know an alternative?

The adjustable stoker stem is a standard bicycle part available in the bicycle parts catalogs over here. It should certainly be available in the UK. Here’s a link to the stem at an online shop so you can see what it’s like: aebike stoker stem.

An alternative would be to weld something together to do the same function. Or you could possibly chop up an old bike and use the top tube like you can see in Will’s gallery.