Where can i get an Onza in the US

I was searching for a cool looking uni and i found the Onza Limey and i was wondering if it was possible to get one in the US because all of the links were from UK

I’m sure Unicycle.com US used you sell the Limey. I know Manon1wheel had/has one.

You might want to give Unicycle.com a ring and ask if they’ve got one/know where one is. You could also check your local dealers, or stick a wanted post in the [url=]Trading Post section of the forum.

EDIT: I’ve got one and I still love it. The frame’s a bit battered, I snapped the saddle, and the creepy crawler isn’t great, but I’m still glad I got it. I’ll be fixing the saddle soon.

I bought my Koxx from www.firetoys.com It is a UK based site, but price was so cheap that shipping was offset. They carry them as well http://www.firetoys.co.uk/juggling/Onza_limey_20_trials_unicycle.html
converts to 357.00 USD plus shipping

k thanks