where can i get a tiny file for my CF base?

I recently got my CF base and ive drilled the holes in, now im at the stage where i need to file the holes square for the bolt to fit in. I have been looking on various DIY sites and all ican find are massive files.

Any help on where to get one would be much appreciated.

small file

what you need is a needle file

diamond needle file are for hard metals etc

I prefer to use a triangle file, but any small file with one flat edge will work.

Check craft stores or any local store that deals with carpenter stuff. Even a walmart/ k-mart type store would probably have some for a few dollars.

do they need to be strong, would a thin nail file or a file for models work?

I bought a small square file from a local hardware store and it made pretty short work of the CF base, and perfect fitting holes. I think any file would work, but it is nice to have a square one for making square holes. Coach bolts (square shafted bolts) save having some fiddly bits on the top to deal with, by preventing the bolts from spinning when you do them up.

jeweler’s or precision files from:

You might round the corners of the bolt slightly and make round the corners of the hole to fit the bolt. Sharp corners in the hole will be stress risers to the CF and could start a tear. Try to make a close fit between the bolt and hole shapes.

thanks for the help guys
i went to B&Q earlier and bought a pack of needle files andthey worked great!
i love my CF saddle!

I found it surprisingly difficult to find a small square file locally. The local hardware stores only carried larger files, metal files, large wood rasps, and similar large files. The only small files are the triangular ones for sharpening saw blades. The triangular files work OK, but it is difficult to get a good 90 degree corner with them.

I eventually found a small square wood file at a dollar store somewhere.

Best bet for finding one may be to get one online if you can’t manage to find one locally.