Where can I get a purple clamp?

Hey guys,

Couldn’t quite mush this into the purple rim thread.

Does anyone one know where I can get a K1 purple clamp, or other brand (same purple), in 31.8? Any country will do.


*note. Please to not recommend Renegade, I would have to be pretty slow to not check there first.

Émile got his from Renegade. He emailed them, but, maybe you’ve done that?

You could try Division8, I kind of doubt it, but it’s maybe worth a try.

That’s all I can say.



Yea, was on the phone with renegade while he checked. …so unless they got one buried somewhere.

Division 8, would prolly laugh at me before honoring my order… I would actually use a sharpie before giving them my business.

thanks tho, I was wondering where Émile got his.

I can’t find any. You might have to power coat or paint one.

I just was looking up some purple powders.

I wish I could get a deal on a scratched rim. If I am gonna buy purple powder and paint a clamp I might as well just paint a rim too. meh… always so stressfull. tought life this unicycle gig thing is, huh?

This look like the right color?

There’s bound to be a scratched rim out there with your name on it… and that colour too, thats cool.

Whys that?

I had problems when dealing with them. They had “problems” waiting on me to ship back to them. Words were exchanged on the forums… I would prefer to not have that convo brought back from the dead. so if anyone searches it up, please read it and let it be.

I am sure they would do business with me again, they are a business. The past is past.

…so chances are I am just gonna powder coat my own clamp.

If anyone wants anything painted purple… now is the time to speak up.

Ah ok, I remember all that. Sucks that crap like that happens, but thats business sometimes, yeah?

Ive seen purple before, ill try finding the site again, and ill keep a look out at any local bikeshops. If I come across one I could pick it up and send it to you or something.

cool, keep me posted. The problem may be getting the right size. Animal has one that fits 25.4 seatpost. and there is a purple 31.8 that is QR. I can’t find anything other than those… Can’t find the K1 anywhere in the world… :roll_eyes:

Shipping wrong items accidentally is part of business, yeah. However, behaving like Division 8 isn’t very business like. Division hate.

I found one on danscomp, single bolt, purple… but no mention of the size.

They have both sizes, however the purple only comes in 1-1/8" which will not fit.

and WOW, look at the price for that clamp.

EDIT: I have had a clamp with that shape (the bevel in the center) break in half after stretching out more and more each time it was tightened.

Oh right… I cant work in imperial very well to figure out if it would fit. It’s about £9 here bugger me!
Paint one.

I think you should look into getting a clamp anodized instead of powdercoated. It would match the rim better but dont forget to check out some bmx sites and shops first as there are plenty or purple anodized parts around.