Where can I get a pink tire, 20"?

My girlfriend wants to learn how to unicycle, so I’m trying to put together a unicycle for her. She likes pink, so I’m getting the spokes and cranks powdercoated pink. I’d really like to be able to find a pink tire too, the smoother the tread the better. Does anyone know where I can find one?

municycle.com had one

only shipping to the us would be expensive i think

maybe darren bedford has some… just ask him

When I first saw it (when Amanda had it), I was very enthousiast of it’s profile. And note: it can bear 100PSI (7 Bar)!
From riding the Primo Comet I know how that feels for freestyle: great (unless you hop a lot)!
It was also weapon of choise of 2 of the Swiss at the hockey- and at the basketball-final at UNICON.

When I first saw it (when the molding was used under another label) etc.

Try searching for the Gusset Pimp, UDC UK carry it, im sure you can find a bike shop in the US who has one.

halo make a pink tyre

idk about pink but you can get a red blue green and others on UDC. the primo “the wall” tires

or you can go to the dump and see if there are any girl barbie bikes. they might have pink tires

I think they have white tires…the freestylers all(well, most, and the girls) have white tires. Some courts don’t allow black tires, and white (and light colors) help you get in terms with the owner of the court and prove your tires aren’t filthy, and on another important freestyle tire note, they are designed not to leave skid marks, court owner…

…Anyways, there was another thread(duh…) that asked for pink tires and Darren(right on, kapoute! said he had pink and orange tires. :smiley: (this thread has been lacking smileys…) :stuck_out_tongue: Hooray :slight_smile:

I have pink 20x1.75" tires in stock if you want one.
15.00 plus shipping Send your zip code for a shipping rate.

Send an e-mail to:
info @ bedfordunicycles . ca

Guys love em too.


lol i actually nearly bought one, i thought at least people would call me “gay” instead of “you lost your other wheel mate”.

But i decided i prefered the loosing wheel bit LOL

I want a Pink Maxxis Creepy Crawler.

I want a yellow CC

wait, nvmind I want a pink one…