Where can I get a Koxx street (reinforced) rim online to be shipped to the US?

hey all,

i want to put together a new wheel soon and i would like to trade my 3 year old dx 32 19" rim for a koxx.

basically as the title of this thread suggests, I need to find a place that’ll send one of these to my door here in the US.

any suggestions?

I got mine from renegadejuggling.com except i dont use it anymore since its way heavy. if ur into technical street like flips and stuff i would recommend not getting it unless the rest of your wheel is AMAZINGLY light. but i do believe it would be good for big street.

what about http://www.renegadejuggling.com/Web_store/rev3k/index.html but they cost like 80 bucks.

isn’t it one of the strongest, if not, the strongest rim out there?

i’m a trials rider, and skeptical about drilled rims.

i would be riding it laced to a profile, for now, until the moment flanges are stronger.

all in all i definitely want a rim that’s wider than the dx32.

Its not one of the strongest rims out there.

I would get a KH or a V!Z rim. Those are (in my opinion) the best rims for trials.

what about the ZHI rim?

im quite sure that kh is not stronger, ive bent it. its drilled ne ways. it is light tho… which is nice. ive never heard of V!Z rims. do u have a link or sumtin?

another thing. i’m no weight nazi atm.

i ride profiles, with a canadian kh frame. those are my heaviest parts. the frame is around 2.24lbs. but i also use fairly light pedals, thompson post, wallis cf base.

with that in mind, my ups can reach over 40 inches!

BUT, i can’t wait to ditch the creepy crawler and the dx32 rim. and i’m going to swap my steel frame for a triton ti in the spring.

i feel the rim and the tire are holding my riding back from going bigger and better.

sick of fold-over

Never rode a ZHI so i dont know.

V!Z: http://www.vizbikes.com/