Where can I find a new coker tire?

UDC is out till July? and the Coker tire company has not recieved a scheduled shipment from back in April, 2006 and so they look to be a lowsy prospect also. I think Bedford has a few but would likely cost me over $120 US with the shiping.

Any other ideas?

unicycle.com has coker tires theyr like 75 + shipp

Keep in mind that Bedford’s price list is in Canadian dollars and not US dollars. Unfortunately the exchange rate isn’t as good for us (US) as it used to be, so $120 CAD is about $108 USD now and that doesn’t include the shipping.

There is also the TA tire. It fits the Coker rim or Airfoil rim. It works well, and looks like it’s in stock at UDC.

If you really want the Coker tire, rather than the TA, you’re going to have to look around. There’s also the chance that someone on the forums here has an extra Coker tire that they’d be willing to sell.

I know that bedford is out of cokers, but maybe they have some tires in stock. Darren said at OUI: “This is the last Coker in north america, enjoy” to whoever baught it.

I’m talking the coker brand tire here. They told me they were out just a few days ago so if we’re on the same page, please reinforce your statement.

“Keep in mind that Bedford’s price list is in Canadian dollars”

That was the US $ amount. 120 can + some serious shipping expense.

Thanks for the replys but it looks like I’ll going to drop some MAJOR coinage on a unicycle tire. (FYI) I talked to the Coker tire company and they’ll sell them direct for $62 + shipping when in stock, thats what really hurts!

Is that other “TA” tire at UDC comparable to the Coker brand? I couldn’t find anything on the forum search.

To be more specific, is the TA tire close to the same dia (2.1) and weight? I just don’t want to make any serious compromises in using the TA tire because I can’t find the coker brand. A kevlar bead on either would hook me. :smiley:

Hey John, I’m the one from Moab riding the Lambrogini green 29er. :slight_smile:

I love that Lamborghini green. A Lamborghini shouldn’t be a subdued color and read or yellow is too overused. Same for a custom unicycle.

There was a thread a while back with weights for the Coker tire and the TA tire. I can’t remember what the weight difference is. The TA is a little heavier since it has more rubber on the tread. That more rubber means that it may last longer. I’m not sure if the TA has a different rubber compound (softer, harder, more sticky, better wearing). I don’t think weight is going to make much difference. The tire is going to wear down anyways as you ride so the weight is going to go down the more you ride it.

I have a new TA tire in the garage right now. It’s waiting to get installed on JC Coker. The Coker tire is wearing down and I figured why not give the TA tire a try. When I get around to it, I’ll switch to the TA tire and keep the old Coker tire as a backup tire. I should get to that RSN.

I don’t know why the Coker tire got so expensive. Is it a supply and demand issue or do they actually cost more to manufacture now? The TA is expensive too.

TA tyre seems like it has the same type of base and width to the coker tyre, but just a different tread.

It felt lovely and smooth to ride with the smooth tread on very smooth concrete compared to the coker tyre, although I don’t reckon it’d make much difference on anything more bumpy.


I have this wheel http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=47127 as well as a frame w/ brake bosses for sale. The tire has very little wear.