Where can I find a good Muni race?

I’ve recently got into muni and I’d really love to find a race. I’ve tried looking for one in my area and reaching out to people but I haven’t had any luck. Does anyone have suggestions for muni races, or mountain bike races that are friendly to unicyclists? I’m based in Minneapolis but I’m open to travel at least a few hours for a good race. Alternatively I’d love to take my riding to the next level by riding with people, so if anyone wants to ride some trails in the upper Midwest let me know.

Show in the Uni Calendar. There some Muni Races. The best Muni Races van you find on the Unicon this year. Or you checked your Home trials and ride some nice lines in the wood.

MTB races…oh I don’t know about this. It’s quite harder with the Mini to ride an MBT Race I think. I don’t check this out.

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