Where can I find a 12inch uni

Where can you find 12 inch unicycles that are strong enough to hold about 110 lbs. because I can’t find where to find a nice 12 inch to mess around with that will hold my weight. :thinking:

I found a good place but the only problem is you can’t order it to the US



UDC has some.


but 12’'s are beasts to ride.

unless its a little kid though, then its fine.

so small unis are harder to ride?

when i tried, my feet were hitting the ground a lot, making it difficult for me to ride.

how tall are you?

im just a bit over 5 feet. i have a cheap 16". not sure if later when i go to 20" it will be harder or easier. i like the 16" but the short cranks seems like it would be less stable. feels easier with the small wheel so not really falling far. so dont know lol.

well, ride what works. All i know is that a 20’’ would be a hell a lot stronger than a 12’’.

I mean, theres nothing stopping you from building up a wheel set with kh or quax hub, getting shorter cranks, and making a fairly okay uni.

money lol. :stuck_out_tongue: im saving! but until the uni cant do what i need it to do, no hurry yet.

Haha Yeah, it’d be pretty cool if you could find a really strong 12’’ rim, along with like heavier gauge spokes or something. Just beef it up, and ride it like theres no tomorrow haha. That’d be so wicked.

oh yeah, the problem with the one i showed you is that it has lolli-pop bearrings, i dont know what that means for ability to change out the hub, but i think it makes it nearly impossible to switch out the hub. Idk, dont take my word on it, your buying a 12’’ unicycle, something no one really buys lol.

You could always get a longer seatpost to suit the 12" unicycles like it says here.

or moment 110 :slight_smile:

It really doesn’t. The bearings themselves are not lollipop shaped, but rather just the bearing holders. Any hub with 40mm bearings should fit.

Yeah, I think the main danger with them is that they increase the chance of the frame cracking a hundredfold.

Well this one looks to be a bit stronger than the one from udc but its in Australia so shipping might be a problem except it’s pretty small so it might not be that bad