Where can I buy these Profile bolts?

So I have the old profile cranks that used to come with the KH 24", and it’s finally time for replacement bolts - but I’m having trouble finding them online. They appear to be about an inch long, 3/8 inch wide, and are cone shaped. Any ideas where to find them?

These ones fit a 7/32 allen wrench, but that dimension isn’t important to me.


Bring one to your local hardware store, they probably have something to match it.

McMaster-Carr is the best place I know of to look for these items. You need precise specifications, but then you can follow their decision tree to get what you need.


Head Style Flat
Material Type Steel
Finish Black-Oxide
Class Not Rated
Drive Style Hex Socket
System of Measurement Inch
Inch Thread Size 3/8"-24
Length 1"
Thread Length Fully Threaded
Thread Direction Right Handed
Tip Type Plain
Screw Quantity Individual Screw
Undercut Head No
Head Angle 82°
Specifications Met American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

I think these would work. You might have to grind off the extra like it says.

Check w/ them to be sure.

I used these on my Torker DX cranks. I had to denub them cranks first though. Much better this way I hardly ever hit them as I pedal anymore. Although taking off is much more difficult since I can no longer use a crank puller

You just want regular Profile bolts, or were they special for the KH24? These look like what you want. I walked into a local BMX shop and bought regular Profile bolts like those.

also try a harbor freight store

Shopping local is the way to go for little stuff; otherwise you’ll pay as much for shipping as the bolt.
If the hardware store and lbs both fail you, look up fastenings stores in your area.

Thanks all! To my surprise, I found what I needed at the regular ol’ hardware store for $0.95 each. I’m not accustomed to things working out so smoothly when looking for unicycle parts :slight_smile: