Where can I buy a street Unicycle.

I live In Canada and Unicycle pickings are pretty slim so if someone could refer me to a non scamming website lol that sells a good selection of street unicycles. and any suggestions for what model to get would be really appreciated.

-Nimbus with KH Cranks (nice and cheap)
-KH unicycle (nice & light)

on www.municycle.ca

Finding a cycle shop with good selection that you can physically browse will be very difficult. www.brauns.com in Kitchener is the bicycle shop that I go to. They usually carries a few unicycle types, most are their own versions (nothing fancy or kh etc.). They work well for the price. I’d guess most major cities will have a cycle shop with a small space for unicycles.

Otherwise you’ll be searching online. www.bedfordunicycles.ca is out of Toronto.


Pete’s great to deal with… You didn’t say where in Canada, it’s a big place.

Bow Cycle and CyclePath in Calgary also carry the uber-low-end Norco uni’s. Buy from Pete @ municycle.ca instead!


the internet

^ that was simon

DON’T BUY A BRAUN UNICYCLE! They’re garbage. They have crummy seats and my friend bent the hub (not the cranks, the hub) at a thirty degree angle and the cranks nearly as badly before he could hop higher than a foot.

Go check out Bedford unicycles and see what Darren says or go with municycle.ca. Or go used on this site. Deals come up now and again.

I would have taken the unicycle with a bent hub back in for a reaction. Blows when something new is toasted like that.