Where can I buy a giraffe wheel?

Hey the bottom sprocket on my giraffe unicycle spins without spinning the tire. It is still possible to ride but I can no longer freemount it without it moving, does anyone know any websites where they sell replacements or is there a simple fix for this? Any help would be appreciated.

If you can’t fix it ‘properly’ see if a welding shop can tack it in place for you. It’ll never move again.

Worked for my giraffe that had the same problem.

Alright sounds like a plan

I assume that you tried tightening the lock ring already and that didn’t work. But, if you didn’t do that, there is a ring that (if I remember correctly) is reverse threaded. Give that a good tightening.

Well it turns out you can’t weld stainless steal :frowning: and how do you tighten the ring thing? Is there a specific tool? I took it to the bike shop and they said they couldn’t do anything about it. It’s really bummin me out because I was in the middle of filming a giraffe tricks video when it started slipping. Does no one sell giraffe wheels, even though I’m pretty strept for cash, I’d be cool to leave a link. Yes there is a ring thing that the sprocket spins around from which it shouldn’t. Any answers?