Where can I buy a complete CF saddle?

I tried Wallis Design but he is taking some time off and I would love to find somewhere to by a KH style CF saddle. I did a search for them on here and google with little success.


I don’t think that you can buy them anywhere really unless you buy them second hand. It seems that you would have to buy the base and install the other parts yourself.

You could maybe ask Darren (info@bedfordunicycles.ca) if he can build a carbon fiber seat up for you. He may be able to do that.


Or ask UDC to assemble it for you. I think they did one for me with leather seat cover years ago.

I asked UDC about it and it was a no go. Guess it is time to put the handyman hat on :slight_smile:

… or you can ask Darren…

Who is Darren? (forgive the ignorance)

That Darren.

Mr. Bedford himself.

I have had better luck phoning than e-mailing. 1.416.729.9696

He’s clear on the other side of the continent from you, but I’m pretty sure he sells predrilled seatbases, so I don’t know why he couldn’t sell you a whole seat.