Where can I buy a 48 Spoke 19" Trials Wheelset in the US

Just wondering how I’d go about getting a 48 spoke wheelset in the US without going out and getting a Torker DX. If anyone has one to sell, I’m pretty interested. I’m 230lbs and recently got into heavier trials/street and am concerned about wheel strength. I’d feel better on a 48. If anyone is interested in a trade, my current wheel is a Profile hub with 145mm Profile cranks. Brushed aluminum rim, Monty White Stripe tire. Nothing wrong with the wheel, I would just like something stronger. Trade+cash is understandable, depending on what it is and what condition it’s in. Besides trades and buying from here, I’m also interested in getting a new one but haven’t been able to find anyone selling them in the US.


UDC has the 48 spoke Nimbus ISIS hub but, they don’t have any rims with 48 holes, only 36. Anyone have experience with this?

Seems like it’d just be easier to get one of these;

Then I’d just need longer cranks(don’t like 125s for street/trials).

Unless you want to go with a DX you are probably going to have to get something from across the pond. Probably the most bombproof rim out there is the Qu-Ax DB-45 laced up with 48 spokes but really your current wheelset is probably plenty strong.

Do you know what your current rim is? “Brushed aluminium” isn’t a good descriptor other than as a colour. It’s like saying that you have a red car.

I have a quax 48 spoke wheelset the “bombproof” one but i live in New Zealand. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/398035_10150705286022589_530212588_12300074_2117671078_n.jpg i could find out shipping if you’re interested

Hmm, I am interested but, after a quick check of UPS international shipping rates, $350 to ship it was the lowest I could find. That seems a bit steep to me. Let me know what you find out as far a shipping goes. My zip code is 74006, if that helps.

I’m not sure what my current rim is. It’s the one that came with the wheelset when I bought it, used. Here’s a pic, if that helps;

I figured you would have an Alex DX32 but nope, I can’t quite tell but it looks more like a Arrow Racing rim. If it is an Arrow it will has a deeper cross section than other trials rims and a welded join.

Not quite as wide as current rims but über strong. If you are worried about strength it looks like you already have an ideal setup.

Thanks for the shot of optimism, Eric. I did a little inspecting and found that I had a couple loose spokes so I went through and tightened them all up evenly and it’s not creaking at all now. I think that’s what was making me feel uneasy about it. Eventually I’m going to want a 48 but, I think I’m good for now.

Thanks for the help.

Oh, Mike. I’m going to do some searching in the US. I think that shipping from NZ would break my wallet. Thanks, though.

48 hole unis here. qu ax. located in montreal canada but listed as us dealer for qu ax as well :slight_smile: