Where Can a Guy Get Uni-Parts?

So, I am new to this stuff, but already trashed a wheel…

I tried to go to my local Torker dealer, but that has already taken two long months and I they still don’t have it. I could special order through them, but if I have to pay extra for shipping I am thinking why not order on-line? So I looked. I tried unicycle.com but they only list wheel sets, but I don’t need new cranks.

So, I just hope to get some leads from people in the know. Where are the best places to get parts? I am in the US by the way.


Unicycle.com:slight_smile: Unicycle.com is a really good place for unicycle parts, I’ve never had problems with them:D

And welcome to the forums!


We could help you with your question if you could give better info about what you have, and what’s wrong with it.

What model Torker? What is bent? Rim? Hub? Crank?

Can you post a photo of your uni?

So far I have gotten unicycle parts through various bike shops, an alternate sport shop, UDC, Municycle.ca, and Bedford.

Where you go just depends on what you need. If you need a built wheel without the cranks I am sure that UDC can do that for you. Even if something is not on their website there is a chance that they have something in stock and if not they do have custom wheels built all the time. give them a call or shoot them an e-mail describing what you want and they can probably help you.

If all you want is the rim and/or spokes they don’t have to be uni specific. Most aftermarket ones would probably be better than what came on the Torker. Just look at the specs on the Torker website, get something that matches and have your local shop build it back up.

Truth be told you might be better off calling UDC and asking what they can do for you as someone had suggested earlier. After you spend a lot of time and money trying not to buy the cranks it may not be worth it.

Here’s another idea that you might not like…Break the rest of it and buy a Nimbus or KH. (Just kidding - the Torker is fine as long as it makes you smile)

UDC (unicycle.com) is out of the 24" wheelset. The cranks are cheap and the wheelset alone is probably the bulk of the $65. I have a 20" Torker you could borrow until you got your wheel.


Hey, thank you for replying everyone. To clarify…

I got a 24" Torker CX to learn on (Thanks, Tim!), and I bent the rim only, so the cranks are fine. I can still right it, it’s just wonky. I took it to a bike shop and got the wheel staightened enough so that the wheel doesn’t hit the frame. I asked how much to build an alloy wheel and they said about $50, so I thought I would price out a new one. I understand that the LX wheels are alloy and so that’s what I wanted to replace it with. The dealer gave me a great price, but wanted to see if they were the only game in town. I tried looking on-line and didn’t find just the wheel anywhere, but I did send a more specific e-mail to UDC on the same day I put up this post, so I am excited to here that they may have other stock besides what is on their site.

So, I can still ride the bent wheel for now. I know UDC is great, that paying for a bike shop to build a wheel is OK. Thanks much for the replies.
Hope this hits on every thing that was asked.

And can I borrow that 20" just for fun? :slight_smile:

Sounds like you need a 24" rim and spokes. Though that’s a relatively odd size for bikes, you can ignore the unicycle part of the equation unless you want to get a new hub.

You can borrow the 20" uni anytime, I don’t have a seat Or pedals on it right now but I’ll try and piece it together and you can pick it up to play with it.

Very Cool

Thanks again, everyone. I’ll definitely look into getting a wheel built next time I trash one.

Hey Tim,
I can swap out my seat if the post is the same. Probably a good idea as I am still dropping the uni and scratching the heck out of my seat. Ha!

Here you go


One new cx wheel all laced up for 25 $

They say it’s a steel rim, to bad you can’t get an lx setup from them, but a cx is a kinda cheap uni. Rebuilding it to stock, maybe putting PC pedals and a better seat on it, then saving your $ for a better uni is what I’d do. Trying to make a cx into a stronger uni is likely more $ than it’s worth. Just don’t do that stuff you did to break the old wheel. Learn smooth pavement skills, and save the trials like stuff for when you get a trials uni.

My Wheel Came In!

Hey Everyone,

Life is on one wheel again… The LX wheel has come in and I can recycle the steel on as soon as it’s swapped out. I would have gotten another steel, feel the light from Key West (thanks for the niagracycle link), but I went for the alloy over the steel. Hopefully I won’t bend the alloy one as quickly.

Talk Soon!