Where are you all (UK)


Are you in the Berkshire(Reading)/Surrey/W.Sussex(Horsham) area of the UK. If so
lets get together for some unicycle hockey. We practice on a farm near
Billingshurst and in Reading.

Do you know anybody in the above areas that wants to join a team?

I have 5 people but we need more to compete in the B.U.H.A events.

Looking forward to hearing from you… Richard


Hi, I´m from Spain and I will travel to Reading in July, and I want to find someone to practice. I prefer the mountain but I like ride around the street too.

You just revived a thread from 1994!!!

I was only 1 year old when this thread was posted :smiley:

He just found a riding buddy :slight_smile:

Wow this is the possibly the oldest internet post I think I’ve ever seen:)

Aestebanez, I live just under an hour from Reading, and there is some great muni trails at Swinley Forest which isn’t too far from Reading. What dates are you around? I will probably be up for a ride and there are a few other muni riders in the area who might be interested too.

I hope Richard was patient enough to see this answered.

I was still a foetus when this was written :stuck_out_tongue:

damm !!! thats the oldest post ive ever seen my town didnt have internet back then :open_mouth: (appart from the libary and council bulidings )

Seems this thread has been revived i’m gonna go with the thread title and let you all know i’m on the east coast in a little fishing town called Grimsby (home of youngs fish)

Anyone living nearby…Hull, Skegness??

No universities in your town? I’m sure there used to be a couple in Manchester.

This is a nice all brits thread



I am in Kirkhill just outside Inverness :slight_smile:


May this old thread live on :stuck_out_tongue:

I know there’s a list of uk riders about somewhere, but an up-to-date list of active users would be helpful…I’ll start:

Juni - N.E Lincolnshire

Hi, I’m in Donegal, Ireland. I know its not in the UK, but it is literally on the UK border.

Northern Island, Southern Island, makes no difference to me…You’re still my neighbour and a fellow unicycle rider :slight_smile:

Oh…damn…I’ve just realised I was typing fast and typed Island instead of Ireland…twice!
Sorry about that, I’m usually pretty good with checking what I type, and I certainly know the difference between Ireland and an island :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in the north west near Southport.

Orkney…come on…

Very much a beginner. But i’m in Ware, East Herts.

Little town in Manchester known as Radcliffe :smiley: