Where are we located. (map)

this is soo cooool…
but the only problem is peoples lazyness to add themselves, there are at least 20 East Midlands Unicyclists (EMUs) and only 2 of us have pinned the map.

come on you slackers!


I used Jamey Mossengren from Andover, MN USA. My email is unicycle6869@yahoo.com if you could delete mine, then I’ll re-add mine. Thanks.

Well I don’t but I do know how to copy and paste into babelfish :slight_smile:

Well, it’s just the James’ from Vancouver so far… but it looks like JamesH got two spots! This is especially cool as one of thoe spots is in over 1000 ft of water in English Bay :smiley: Love the program though. Number 149!!! (It’s a cool number… way better than 150…)


my place…

Mt. Muni.JPG

i told my gf i could see the pool in her backyard from a satellite and she asked if i could see through the windows of the house. thank goodness it’s not that invasive… yet

bumpity bump bump…keep on adding to the map peepz

158 right now. I didn’t think it would hit 100 when I created the map. Now I am thinking that maybe 200 is in site.

I am glad it is so popular.

Good thing I searched for a frappr map before I made one of my own. I love google stuff. If you haven’t added yourself, do it NOW. http://www.frappr.com/unicycleworld

And once you’ve added yourself…

Yup, frappr is just an implementation of google’s map api, so it was very easy to set up a similar thing on unicyclist.com. The advantage of the unicyclist.com one is that you can change your location and it can be upgraded to integrate more with this site later on.

Many ideas come to mind of what could be done with such a utility (mapping trails, practices, etc.)

The Google Map API has no guarentee of being available in the future, though I think it’s unlikely they would close the API, But, if that did happen, it’s possible to create the same type of service without google, and use the coordinates to make a map.


I don’t know if this has already been done but I created an online slideshow of the photos everyone has submitted.

Thanx for making that.