Where are we located. (map)

Number 100. Whoop!

MyGuestMap is a very similar site that lets you add a marker just by double-clicking anywhere on the map; this way you can put your marker anywhere, cities or not. Maybe in hindsight that would have been a better choice than this one…


Although this site looks like it might be struggling:

‘Due to unexpected high growth of the user base, MyGuestmap is experiencing severe bandwidth issues. Help us keeping the service up and running: any kind of donation is REALLY appreciated!’

The concept is great, it was discussed at the UUU AGM how it would be useful for UK riders, this was before these websites appeared.

can i add someone who dosen’t visit this sit but rides?

woah, I never would’ve picked everyones locations to be so focussed in so few places!

You’d want to ask their permission first, especially if you add their real name.

And representing the Dark Continent…

This is a terrific resource. Is it possible to give the topic “sticky” status (or whatever they call it) to keep it on top? Or create a link somewhere in the site so interest doesn’t disappear?

Posting contact info

I figured out a way to post contact info. If you’ve already registered, click on your “pushpin” and scroll to the bottom of the page. In the blank where it says Shoutout, copy and paste the following:

a href="mailto:webmaster@mtlski.com?subject=Unicyclists Worldwide Map">e-mail</a

but be sure to put a < and a > at the very beginning and end of the script or it won’t work. I had to delete them here because it would have automatically generated the desired result: <a href="mailto:webmaster@mtlski.com?subject=Unicyclists Worldwide Map">e-mail</a> and you wouldn’t have the code. Obviously, you’ll need to substitute your own e-mail address.

BTW, inserting this won’t replace the comments you’ve already posted. It appears in addition.

See sample:

Brilliant! Thanx for sharing that.

That’s me added. All on my lonesome up in Scotland.

Cool program/website whatever.


If they don’t care then I don’t care. :slight_smile:


Count is now 122. No one from Japan? I thought that was the center of the "uni"verse.

Very cool!

It is. I don’t see you posting on the Japanese forum. :sunglasses:

This forum doesn’t hold much interest if you don’t speak English.

The mapping abilities of Google are awesome.

I added myself! Cool site.
Anyone know how to edit your shoutouts? I accidently screwed up and put the wrong link in for my email address…


That’s one problem with the system. The only way I can figure how to fix a shoutout is to ask the administrator to delete your entry and let you re-register. Remember that this thing is still in BETA.

If you haven’t already done so, click on the “Satellite” button in the upper right of the map and zoom in to your hometown with the slide controls on the left . Depending on where you live, the resolution will vary. As a general rule, green is low resoution and gray is very high. In some locales, you’ll be able to make out detail as small as cars. In either view, you can navigate by clicking on the map/photo and dragging the mouse. Occasionally this will result in false pushpins so you mignt want to refresh.

This is a cool tool!

If you haven’t saved this in Favorites/Bookmarks, do so now: frappr.com

James (and anyone else):

Let an email here with your user name and I will delete you. Then you can re-add yourself with the correct stuff.

Just make sure you give me the EXACT nickname that you used.



i can see my house!! and my trees!! and i think i just found my frisbee…