Where are we located. (map)

The web to the rescue.

See: http://www.risingconcepts.com/frapper/unicycleworld

You all enter in our zip, etc and then get a map of where everyone is located. You don’t have to give any personal info (not even a fake email address).

COuld be interesting to see where all the one wheelers are.


i can see your house :smiley:

This is cool!

cool (bump)

This was done on Digg, they actually crashed frapper because so many people addded themselves from digg, poor frapper, anyways, we should REALLY keep this going, it is very handy, i vote gilby makes this link easily accessible, somewhere on the site, also we should add the fact that you should add some sort of contact information in your shoutout

I like it, very cool :slight_smile:

oups i made a few mistakes in my last name

WOW! 47 uni’s already listed!

Maybe Gilby can make this a “sticky thread”?

Sorry about the pic I used, guys…hope y’all like legs! :smiley:
It was the first pic I found!

They don’t have my city…

Maybe put yourself in the closest NZ location.

Over 60 people already!

Hey, thats pretty cool!

Awesome! Everyone needs to put themselves on the map. Keep this thread on the top!

Does it offer the option to remove an entry, or at least move it? I would add myself, but as it will be out of date in a month or two it seems a bit of a waste of time…


Moving, Phil?

dude… i cant zoom in on my house… damn

Ah well me neither.

MT thing?

nothing shows… no map whatsoever…
my firefox browser not willing to show me the maps

Is it possible to move your pointer or edit your details and enter a grid ref or something? I had to pick Tavistock, the nearest town on the list to where I live, but Princetown (where I actually live) is shown on the map, just not on the list…

very very cool! I added myself to the master list :slight_smile: