where are the girls riding trials?

If I was a girl, I would ride trials.
I’ve tried to teach my sister, and my friend tried to teach his sister and his mom. But they were too impatient, and don’t want to spend the week or so learning to ride. They would rather go shopping and paint their finger nails.

hey girls!

maskedriders and erin:

I need to get back in touch with you, I have selfishly been so busy practicing my own skills for an Open-X routine I am no longer doing. Can either of you grind or 360? Weirdest thing is, I have yet to actually meet a girl who can do either. I can grind pretty well and controlled, but only go a little past a 180 hop-twist.

erin: I am learning skateboarding and my friend had a longboard!!! and one of those that I think you ride in the sand…a sandboard? i dunno. my friend is pretty good at skateboarding (short board). I tried her longboard and it was kinda like the mountainboard that i homemade. it was really fun!! do you know Lauren? Unilaur? used to be or still is Dylan Wallinger’s girlfriend. I have been trying to get a hold of her for some time on this forum, but haven’t been able to yet. let’s arrange some weekend or somethin so we can ride together, i’ll come to you, i want to get lots of different scenery for my movie!!

kerrin: hello! I don’t believe I have talked with you yet! You live in Germany, right? Are you at all affiliated or familiar with I think it is call the German Unicycling Team? I have some friends on it, like Ina and Gro. They are really cool, we hung out together at UNICON 11. I would love for you to be in my movie!!!

And, right now, I am at the point where I would just like to KNOW who all is female that posts on this forum, please. I want to talk to more girls/women!

L8er Sk8er (Erin) (hehe) and unicyclists!!

Re: hey girls!

Hi. I’m Jayne, the woman learning on a coker. Not quite good enough to do trials yet, right now riding in a straight line is enough of a challenge.

Any other females out there want to chime in?


Yeah I will say my bit!!!
I have tried to teach so many girls to ride but dispite that I am still the only chick that knows how to ride!
I do a bit of trials but that is mainly because thats that the guys I have taught are interested in! Where I live there is nothing formal in the way of organised uni stuff so there is no other girls that i know off!

Girls (esp. Jayne and Liz):

I would love for you to be in my movie!! I don’t have any females yet who want to do any Cokering in it…although my friend Irene is quite good at it I know. I don’t yet have any female unicyclists from South Africa either, that’d be great if you could participate! Liz: I think it said that you live in Australia…I have already met Lauren Johnson (some say she’s the best female at freestyle in Aus) and she and her friend are already working on some cool moves for the movie. just to let you know, she posts on this forum as “lozza” she is really cool and very enthusiastic about this movie. So far I have got many girls/women from the USA, Canada, and Australia, that are going to be in the movie, and am in the process of contacting women from Japan, the UK, Germany, and Puerto Rico! Liz, just tell me if you want me to private message lozza’s e-mail to you or any other of my female uni friends living anywhere around the world, they are all very nice.

Oh, and, by the way, who has Tammy and/or Tanya Marsh’s e-mail addy or way of contacting them? I can’t find it and their old website doesn’t seem to be working…

Thanks guys and girls!!!

my sister rides…



in germany, there several girls who are doing trials (Hanna Janson, Hanna Kreiz, Sonja + Linda Theiss, Andrea Klüppel, Sara Stockhausen, Daniela Rüdel, etc…)
You cannot compare the girls to boys in doing trials, but they are not as bad as some might think. In Germany you can finde many girls doing some good trials riding.
For example Sonja (who also won the slow forward in Seattle) can ride rails in a really good way, I do not know anyone (ok, except holmster…) who is that good in riding rails. She rides rails really slow, but she can always hold the balance.
So, I think girls can be good in doing Trials, but in another way than boys are good in trials,



Ruhrpott Unitrials

Personally I don’t ride trials, I ride Muni. I don’t find trials very interesting, I’d rather go and ride lots of miles and see some where than play in the yard for hours at a time.
And I’m old now and getting cautious, I have ENOUGH scars thank you very much I don’t WANT to gain more.

I only know one girl who rides. She doesn’t do trials.

It would be my guess that more guys ride trials because it is more physically demanding (is this going to get me into trouble?) and its more “extreme” which our culture does not encourage girls to take part in.

Of course I think girls doing trials is awesome. :slight_smile: