Where are the flame wars?

I have been lurking on this NG for close to a year (off and on) and I have
noticed a distinct paucity of flame wars. Is it just that unicyclists are
inherently good natured?

If I don’t start seeing some flame wars soon I will report this group to
Usenet Administration and have this NG permanently removed.

Thank you.


Re: Where are the flame wars?

We have our share, but if you’re some kind of outside aggitator a tryin’ to stir up trouble, we don’t need your kind 'round these parts. So scram, hombre!

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Too late, someone already has reported us:


Re: Where are the flame wars?

I make these incendiary equipment remarks that would get me charred to ash
and gone on a bicycling newsgroup - like: “Cokers are greater even than the
gods, and rule their universe with absolute authority.” - and nobody argues.

Coker, Coker, Coker, Coker…

You, watch your mouth, terd.

Profile cranks are only cool if they are chrome,anyone who uses black Profile crank arms is a compleat numb skull who obviously has no place in this forum… :slight_smile:

shut up jagur.
the northern air must be getting to you and your bad tastes.

i figured that a loser like you would rear its ugly black crank lovin head.

flame on.

oh and Mr.Wg Bradley,lurkers suck!

You preach it brother! Chrome is the only way to roll…