When's the next Uni mag due

…seems like a long time since the last one…hope I haven’t missed out.

No, you haven’t missed one (assuming you got issue 11).
Mike said he’s just running a bit late after unicon.


Yeah I got an email just recently from Mike, and he said, that he’s in the process of changing the layout to include Unicon, and sorting out the issues with the printer. As soon as they have a date they’ll let everyone know. :smiley:

Good news, I came across my issue 11 the other day and was wondering how long it had been. I got a subscription for Christmas and I’ve only had one issue out of it so far!

Yep, sorry everyone, it’s running very late indeed.
As soon as we have a production date I’ll post here and on the website.

Yesterday the first issue of my subscription arrived. Issue 11.
I guess my email asking to start at issue 12 was missed. :frowning: