When's the next UK muni event?

It’s been getting worse, these last few weeks. It’s difficult to notice unless you stop and think, but it’s definitely there, and slowly it’s making itself known. The twitches… the cold sweats… that funny feeling when your legs no longer have that reassuring dull ache from the last ride. It’s no good, I need my next fix!

So… when is the next British Muni Weekend? And where?

Not that I’m dropping any hints, but I was in the Peak District on Tuesday, riding the bike over Cut Gate, a bridleway from the top of Derwent Reservoir over the hill to Langsett. It was blummin’ great… bits of everything ranging from silly steep and technical to fast’n’swoopy. Marvellous fun.

There seems to be an awful lot of riding to be had in the Peaks, but I’ve only ever ridden there twice. This situation must be resolved, I feel.

Go oooooooooon, you know you want to…


That would be…cough…Joe…cough…a nice…cough…Marshall…cough…idea.

I’ve been thinking about this recently too, and since I went to the North Shore in Bristol, I’ve been desperate to try and organise something for there. Its an incredible place, and they’ll open it any day of the week if there are more than 7 people (paying £70 between all participants I think). They’ll allow camping in the field above the course for large groups (I think, might be worth an e-mail if we seriously consider it)

As far as the course goes its incredible, technical swoopy downhill courses, rooty cross trails & of course north shore obstacles. It is also only across the motorway from the quantocks. There’s a lot there for any rider.


I’m happy to organise a South Wales get togteher if people are keen (But we were here recently so somewhere else would be fun, too). There is a new, improved campsite at Afan.

There is alao a bit of a do on in a couple of weeks if anyone is interested: http://www.skylinecycles.co.uk/id10.html


But which legend would organise such a great weekend?

arr the…



Inspired :).


I’d love to finally get myself to a BMW. Here’s another vote for a weekend in the peak district. If it were in the peak district ther’d probably be a contingent of about 4 Macclesfield people I could get together.

Hrey Boogiejuice.
ick a weekend, pick a campsite, pick a couple of routes ( talk to Phil if you ned to). Call it a BMW and away you go. BMW is proabadly the easist unicycle event to organise, a good one to start with.

I’m not sure if they let under 16s on the park, which kind of rules it out for a serious Muni Weekend. Maybe we should try a different tack… I’m going to be in southampton from the 2nd of october (university). I’ll ‘scope’ the place, check for decent trails and stuff, especially in the New Forest, and report back. In the mean time someone else will have to decide that the Malvern Hills look like a fantastic place to have a Muni Weekend :p.

Failing that, I’m planning on having a barbecue up my local Muni spot next weekend. Its a country park, loads of fabulous routes & lines and you could easily spend all say there. Less of a Muni Weekend and more of a Muni Day, but I’ll look into other possibilities for the sunday if you like :p.


I’m not sure about that… I used to live in Malvern, so have ridden there a lot. There are a few fantastic singletrack descents, but I don’t think there’s enough for a BMW. Most of the tracks are wide, “pedestrianised” trails rather than anything interesting to ride, and there aren’t many ascents rideable by people who don’t enjoy brutally steep bits. It’s definitely 29er territory; none of the descents are particularly technical, and a fast ride for covering the boring bits quickly is a bonus.

It’s dead handy from the M5, so I go for a ride there fairly frequently if I’m passing by.

I’ve been pouring over the map of the Peak District I acquired last week; there’s enough riding there for a British Muni Month, let alone a weekend. I might have to book a few days off and go exploring… :slight_smile:


I’m sure you’re right there.

i like the sound of getting something sorted for the north shore in bristol!
i have been meaning to get there for ages.
i cant mike it before the first week in october though :frowning:

Nick: there has never been anything wrong with the afan campsite :thinking:

When you are cycling all day showers are definitely a bonus:D

Have you been up to Glyncorrwg, further up the valley? The new visitor centre is really nice.

I’ve heard the campsite at Glyncorrwg was a good place to have a hot shower only to come outside to find your car / bike / tent / worldly possessions have been nicked…


I’d definitely be up for sorting something out. I can e-mail them about procedures for weekend usage of the site (if we can camp on the top of the hill, if they’ll allow under 16s on the course under conditions, cost, etc). They should remember me If I mention being a unicyclist, the look of shock on the receptionists face probably hasn’t worn off yet ;).

I’ll be at university in Southampton from the 2nd of October onwards so any weekend after that I’ll need either transport from the south coast, or picking up from a bristol train station (probably temple meads, it’s direct)

We need to consider weather also. Dry is probably the only option for the North Shore, it is mostly chickenwired for traction but I don’t think we can rely on that totally.


If you are organising something for Bristol why not have it during the bristol circus convention when there is already a big event on with loads of people who can ride a bit so that you can get more people to turn out and you can spend a few days there.

Bristol circus convention runs from 17th to the 25th of september if memory serves so it seems like an ideal opportunity.

It would also mean camping could be done with loads of other people too.

There has been a few thefts from Cwmcarn, I’ve not heard of any trouble at Glyncorrwg

yeah the new center is very good. well needed!

thefts occur everywhere not just afan or cwncarn. if you listened to all the stories you wouldnt ride anywhere or drink anywhere or visit anywhere etc etc

Re: When’s the next UK muni event?

plumsie wrote:
> If you are organising something for Bristol why not have it during the
> bristol circus convention when there is already a big event on with
> loads of people who can ride a bit so that you can get more people to
> turn out and you can spend a few days there.

Good idea, though bear in mind that people, once settled into the
Brizzle atmosphere, tend to be reluctant to leave the site.

A few years ago we decided to do a Muni ride to Wales from the Bristol
convention. Sadly, only three of us turned out (Richard Loxley and
Jamie Fletcher being the other two). Mind you, ISTR it did clash with
a BMW…

It would be nice to repeat that ride with a few more people. Just avoid
the day when some people will have to be back early for show rehearsals
(probably Friday, although it might be Thursday). The day we did it we
had to cut the ride short in order to get Jamie back for rehearsals -
although we did, just about, make it into Wales.

Danny Colyer (the UK company has been laughed out of my reply address)
“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” - Thomas Paine

sounds good to me i will come if i can get there where ever its goin to be