whens the next moab fest?

whens the next moab fest? i want to go to it.

I don’t think a date is set yet, but it’s usually the end of March.

The website for it is at: http://moabmunifest.com/

the last one was april 1-3, deffinately go if you have a chance its awesome. Try to go for all 3 days though I only made it for 2 days of riding and left wanting more.

I vote for March 31 through April 2, because that’s the end of our Spring Break.

Little early for Moab itcheys, isnt it?:wink:

I cant wait meself…

Im getting a Muni just to go this year!

yea i want to go to it. Im probly going to the black Hills Muni thing too! I went there before but without my Muni, the riding would be awsome!

If you want to know more you could try looking up any big events scheduled for Moab around that time. I know this year we were there a few days after Jeep Week. We definitely wouldn’t want to be there then, the town is packed!

You could also try going to http://www.moabmunifest.com/ and click on the, “Send Me A Message,” button to ask the organizer directly.

Yeah, im sure you could just ask Rolf…he’s really helpful.