when you hop with seat in front

when you are going to hop on to something with your seat in front of you, do you pull the seat out or just not put it under you at all. do you ride up to the object with your seat out or do you take it out when you get to it. im learning the hop with my seat out you see.

You could ride up to it seat out, if you are good at riding SIF, but I find it easier to ride up to the thing, do a small hop for balance, pull the seat out and hop up the thing (a curb, let’s say) But for curbs, you don’t really need to do SIF hops.

i dont needseat out for curb, im just thinking about moving onto bigger things, ill try and do it the way you do then

You should really try and get good at seat-in hopping first, before going to SIF, because seat-in is a good foundation.

Look how far seat-in has taken Yoggi, Joe Hodges, Petracco.

And as a result of getting good at seat-in, their SIF hopping is insanely good at the same time. With a strong seat-in foundation, your seat-out hopping will benefit. Good example being: Hodges having 97cm seat-in hop, then getting a 107cm seat-out hop due to having a super solid foundation with seat-in.

Wow, I wasn’t even aware it was possible to seat in hop that high cause you can’t really tuck. Do they have there seats really low or something?

Some do, or you just get really good hopping form…compress the tire a lot, then use it’s rebound to spring yourself upwards.

^ well i already have a 25 inch seat in hop but I just can’t imagine it getting any higher because I just can’t tuck. But after reading sponges post i’m gonna practice like crazy now.

yeah im gonna keep practising my seat in hops then, but ill lower my seat more. thanks for the tips