When would you start using new uni?

I am currently learning on my 20", and can ride 200 feet. Cannot turn yet but have done a few successful freemounts. All very inconsistent.
I am hoping to purchase a larger uni in the next few days, 24" or 26" (If I can decide on which model ).

My question is, at what point would you advise trying out the new uni?
If I swap too early in the learning process, will I affect any progress I may have made?

How old are you? How tall are you? May recommend an adult sized person begin on something larger than a 20" for ease. All that pedaling on the tiny wheel can get in the way of learning, so 24 is often recommended.

See what others say.

Thanks, but too late, I already have 10 hours under my belt on my Nimbus II 20", bought specifically to learn on. I decided it was worth getting a decent uni which would last.
Just looking ahead to my next uni, hence the question.

BTW, I’m 65, six feet tall, 165 lbs.

I’m 6’ tall, 190 lbs and for that reason I now have a sturdy 24" QU-AX Muni.

Before I bought another uni (My second was a 29" Trainer and I liked it a lot until I discovered that I like XC/Muni even more) I was able to ride my 20" Unicycle 2.6 miles, with stops, and could freemount it one time out of three.

I could ride around 300 yards without needing to get off and was learning to extend that by keeping my weight on the saddle.

This is just what I did - how you progress is your personal choice.

I’d wait until you get to the point you’re not measuring how far you ride (or at least you’re stopping because your bum is getting sore and your legs getting tired isn’t because you’re not putting your weight on the seat - ie after several miles), can turn and freemount consistently. That really shouldn’t take too long - I bought my second uni (a 26er) about a month after I first successfully rode.

Oh and I don’t see what the problem is with an adult learning on a 20" wheel - that’s what I did, and I currently have a trials uni in my quiver on which I practice new stuff. I am tempted by a 24" wheel, but not particularly to learn stuff on - just as something small and easy to handle which I can cover ground on better (ie a monster trials).

Personally I’d recommend going for a 26 rather than a 24 as a second uni, but it depends what you plan to do next and what your plans are beyond that - plenty would recommend going straight to 29.

too long

Iv’e had a 20’’ for more than a year. I would love to get a new one but they are soooo expensive…:):):slight_smile:

I find the more variety you ride the stronger a rider you are. I rode a few different 20" unicycles while initially learning and then jumped to a 29" after a few months. Just keep up the shred!

This is just a thought, but maybe think of one “vice” you spend money on and drop it until you’ve saved enough for a new uni.

Example could be…you drink a $5 daily Starbucks coffee and you want to buy a $350 unicycle. Replace the Starbucks with Folgers, stash the money you’d otherwise spend, and after a few months you’ve got yourself enough cash for the uni.

Tough part is to find something you’re willing to give up and then sticking with it until you’ve funded your purchase.

I bought my first good uni three or four days after starting to learn, you’re already further along than I was when I ordered.

If you know yourself, then you already know your expected level of committment.

I tend to be an all in kind of guy, so if I even get an inkling that it’s for me, then I go all out, top of the line, and I go untill I’m done, typically ten years per sport.

I do not much like the unicycles are expensive arguement…

My train of though for buying sporting goods.

How much will this cost me per hour to enjoy-
Snowboarding - $12-30 per hour pending what hill we go to plus the cost of gear divided by the hours used. I have about $3000 in snowboarding gear, 2 boards, 2 bindings, boots, jacket, gloves, pants, helmet, goggles etc. so $300 divided by lets say 200 hours over the past 4 years. Thats another $15 per hours. So it costs me $27-45 per hour to go snow boarding.

Unicycling - $0 per hour - i have 3 unicycles, worth around $1600, plus another $400 in bike gear (shorts, gloves, helmet etc) i have spent around 600-700 hours unicycling (quite a bit… but thats how i role) so that works out to $2.80 per hour i am out unicycling.

Movie - between fuel to get to the theatre, admission cost for my (assuming other people are paying for themselves, its not half price night, and i didn’t take my GF) it cost $12 for the show, and $8 in fuel. So thats $20 for 1.5 hours of entertainment. Thats about $13.3333333 per hour.

Moral of the story - the only form of cheap entertainment is sitting at home…

And if you are enjoying the road more then go for a 29. But if you can have a play on a muni and on some off road stuff for a week or two you might prefer the muni option.

I think three unis is a safe minimum, trials/skills developer, muni, road wheel.

my half cent :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m a kid

I’m just 15 and I hardly spend money on anything there is nothing I could really drop. I don’t drink coffee, I don’t go to movies. I suppose it is true though almost anything one does costs money. I guess I’ll keep riding my 20’’. I actually went 15 km on it one time.:slight_smile:

Hello joggerdude!

I’m 59 and probably the slowest learner on the forum. I’m up to about 2.5 miles on a 24" but it has taken me 2.5 years to get there.

I DID switch from a 20" to a 24" too soon, but that’s just me. I caught on to the 20" fairly quickly and switched to the 24" thinking I could get further, faster, without being so absolutely exhausted. It turns out I was pretty out of shape which was probably my main obstacle. If you are in great shape, bigger sooner will probably be fine. But it was not a good idea in my case.

It took me awhile, but I’m going strong now.
One of these days, who knows, Ride My Age?

Btw, right now, for me, unicycling is LOTS of exercise, especially for core and endurance.

Happy Riding!

I’d specify free mounts 75+%. Figure 8’s w/ circles w/in a parking space width or less. And keep the 20" for learning other basics like idling, riding w/ one foot (each leg), backwards, & SIF (Seat In Front).

The cheapest Specialized FS bike is $1,900

@ skilewis

The cheapest kona, specialized, rocky mountain, and most high end brands start at $1700-2000

Spent $3049 on my 2008 Rocky mountain ETSX 30 (laser blue)

Its the same colour as a KH but not metallic finish. =D

$2000 in the unicycle world is a Schlumph hub on a 36er… which is the equivalent to a S works specialized stunt jumper at like $6000… P_P

+1 :stuck_out_tongue: but more like a Crux Pro Carbon @ $4400 :roll_eyes:

+2 specialized p1 @$600

Nice job doing 15km on a 20". Sounds like you may be stuck on your uni for a little while–maybe you could put it on your birthday wishlist. First thing I think is that you could get yourself an afterschool job, but maybe you’ve already got one?

Not possible

I end school way to late for that.:slight_smile: